Premium Elegant Matte Finish Wooden Canoe With Ribs & Curved Bow (91647253)

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Paddle towards tranquility and elegance with this Premium Elegant Matte Finish Wooden Canoe, meticulously crafted with a love for tradition and a passion for the open water. This isn't just a watercraft—it's a piece of art ready to connect you with the soul of the canoe. The authentic Canadian red cedar, known for both its strength and its timeless grace, is beautifully sculpted into the smooth lines of a 12-foot pure paddling experience.

Our canoe's curved bow and robust ribs aren't just about aesthetics; they offer the performance and stability you need to confidently sail through serene lakes or gentle rivers. The fiberglass epoxy coating ensures durability without compromising on the sleek and classic matte finish. Measuring 144 inches in length and a spacious 28.5 inches in width, the canoe's design maximizes both beauty and functionality, supporting up to 375 pounds with a weight of just 35 pounds—effortlessly light enough for a single person to manage.

For those who appreciate legacy, this canoe comes with a slightly rocked rocker design that traces back to centuries-old craftsmanship, delivering a superior turning capacity. Whether you're a seasoned watercraft afficionado or a novice seeking a premium experience, our matte finish masterpiece will become a cherished family heirloom, passing through the hands of generations as a testament to quality, luxury, and undying adventure. With our Premium Elegant Matte Finish Wooden Canoe, every journey is a timeless tale.



  • Crafted with hand-joined strips of premium cedar, coated in a strong fiberglass epoxy for added durability.
  • The perfect blend of wood's natural charm and the enhanced durability of fiberglass.



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Boat Dim: L:144", W:28.5"
Net Weight: 35 LBS
Mid Height: 10"
Material: Fiberglass, Canadian Red Cedar
Paddle Included: Yes
Bow Height: 21"
Weight Capacity: 375 LBS

1 x Premium Elegant Matte Finish Wooden Canoe With Ribs & Curved Bow
1 x User Manual

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