Free Standing Punching Bag

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  • Shock & Noise Absorption
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Multi-layered Construction
  • Suction Cup Base

30-Day Money Back Guaranteed

Do you always crave to have a full-body workout and stay nice and fit without the need for expensive equipment? The Free Standing Punching Bag is your perfect solution. It is extremely robust and sticks perfectly to the ground, taking away the hassle of needing to install brackets and hang it from your ceiling.  


Dimension: 69.0"(H) x 19.6"(W)
Material: PU Leather
Net Weight: 17.0 Kg   (37.5 lbs)
Items Included

1 x Free Standing Punching Bag

1 x Base

1 x Instruction Manual

Key Benefits

Home Workout

This free standing punch bag can be placed anywhere at home.

Hassle Free

Enjoy a full body workout without expensive gym equipment.

Perfect Gift

Gift this to your friends and help them relieve stress or anger.


Standing 69 inches above the ground, this heavy punching bag is suitable for all ages and height. This way, everyone can throw a few punches and improve their physical strength at anytime throughout the day.
Free Standing Punching Bag For Sale


The rounded ABS base is engineered for easy roll relocation. It features 12 ultra strong suction cups that prevent the unit from sliding or tipping over. The base also allows you to fill it with sand or water to improve stability.
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Could the punching bag be used for kicking?

A: Yes, it'll work for both punching and kicking.

Does this require any assembly?

A: Yes, minor assembly is required.

What can be used to fill the base of this bag?

A: You can fill it with sand or water.

Does it come with any warranty?

A: This product is eligible for a 30-day money back guarantee. In addition, you may purchase our extended warranty for additional protection.