GA-GA Automatic Robotic Lawn Mower W/ Bluetooth App Control And GPS Path Planning (95374261)

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Transform your lawn maintenance with the revolutionary GA-GA Automatic Robotic Lawn Mower, designed to bring efficiency, precision, and ease to your garden care. Built for those who value both innovation and tranquility in their outdoor spaces, this intelligent device redefines what it means to keep a pristine lawn.

Designed for homeowners seeking a harmonious blend of technological sophistication and practicality in their lawn care regimen, the GA-GA Automatic Robotic Lawn Mower is your ticket to a consistently beautiful and effortlessly maintained outdoor space. Experience the pinnacle of garden maintenance technology and enjoy the luxury of time spent elsewhere, as GA-GA transforms your lawn into a lush, precisely manicured landscape.

Step into the future of lawn care with GA-GA — where innovative technology meets unparalleled convenience and safety.


  • Elevate your lawn care with GA-GA's groundbreaking algorithm and multi-sensor fusion technology. Achieving an unmatched mowing efficiency of up to 1956 sq. ft per hour, this robotic lawnmower is optimized for areas up to 1/3 acre. Its whisper-quiet operation, at below 60 decibels, ensures that your peace and that of your neighbors remain undisturbed.
  • The GA-GA mower's dual GPS positioning system, in tandem with its base station, crafts an accurate lawn map to ensure meticulous coverage. Your lawn mower will respect the boundaries set by the included 200 meters of boundary wire, or any pre-existing ones, guaranteeing that it only tends to the areas you’ve specified.
  • With GA-GA, every aspect of your lawn's maintenance is at the tip of your fingers. Through our user-friendly app, plan your mowing schedule, switch cutting modes, monitor progress, and customize mowing specifications. Its advanced navigation allows it to maneuver through narrow passageways effortlessly, ensuring a meticulously maintained lawn across all areas.

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Work System:
Dual GNSS Navigation

Max Lawn Size:
0.7 Acres

Mowing Direction:


Waterproof Rating:

Cutting Height:

Mowing Frequency:
Single/Double Grid

Running Noise:
Below 62 dB

Hourly Area Capacity:
1800 SQF

(1) GA-GA Automatic Robotic Lawn Mower, (1) Charger, (1) Set of Accessories, (1) User Manual

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