Lavadora y secadora portátil de 16 libras



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  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Large Capacity
  • Multi-functional Design
  • Easy Operation

30-Day Money Back Guaranteed

Are you looking to install a washing and dryer but don't have enough room? Our Portable Home Washing & Drying Machine is a perfect addition to homes with limited space and would like to save the hassle of going to public places to wash their clothes. It is extremely easy to use and uses less water and detergent than your traditional washing machines.


Fuente de alimentación: Eléctrico
Capacidad de la secadora: 3,4 kg (5,0 libras)
Capacidad de la lavadora: 7,5 kg (11,0 libras)
Capacidad total: 10,9 kg (16,0 libras)
Material de la cubierta: PP+ABS
Dimensiones totales: 24,4" (ancho) x 14,4" (profundidad) x 28,7" (alto)
Peso neto: 12,5 kg (27,6 libras)
Potencia nominal: 550 vatios
Fuente de alimentación: 110 V/60 Hz
RPM máximas: 1300
Amperaje clasificado: 360 amperios
Ciclos de lavado: Enjuague y gire, lavado normal
Material de lavado: El plastico
Material de giro: Acero
Eficiencia energética:
Cerradura de seguridad:
Señal de fin de ciclo:
Indicador de tiempo:
Manguera de drenaje incluida:
Ventilador de ventilación incluido:
Longitud de la manguera de entrada: 78,7"
Longitud de la manguera de salida: 78,7"
Ciclos de secado preestablecidos: Secado con temporizador
Niveles de secado: seco húmedo
Temperatura. Opciones de configuración: Frío calido
Est. Costo anual: $50

What's Included

1 x Outdoor Pizza Oven

1 x Pizza Stone

1 x Dough Scarper

1 x Pizza Peel

1 x Instruction Manual

Key Benefits

Home & Office

The compact size of this washer dryer makes it ideal for dorms, apartments, RV's and small families.

No Assembly

It comes preassembled and requires no assembly, making it super convenient to use and operate.

Perfect Gift

Help your friends and family enjoy cleaner and better smelling clothes all year round without any hassles.


The portable pizza oven is compatible with most outdoor BBQ grill or oven, which means you won't need to purchase additional equipment to have a delicious pizza cooked in minutes.

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This lightweight portable washer and dryer combo can wash and dry clothes simultaneously, thereby, saving you time and making the entire laundry process more efficient. Simply put in your clothes, set the timer and let it transform your clothes to look and smell new again.

Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine 24lbs Capacity

What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say


How many clothes can I fit in the washer?

A: The washer capacity is 16.5 lbs and the dryer capacity is 7.5 lbs.

Does it require any assembly?

A: No, everything is pre-assembled and ready to go out of the box.

Is a pump required to drain the water out?

A: No, it uses gravity to drain the water out.

Does it come with any warranty?  

A: offers a 30-day moneyback guarantee on all products sold. In addition, you may purchase our extended warranty.