INO Premium Black Oval Poker Table With Curved Legs And DropBox, 96" (91724836)

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Step into the world of ultimate poker experiences with the INO Premium Black Oval Poker Table. Designed for passionate players who value both style and practicality, this 96-inch masterpiece exudes elegance and will take your game nights to new heights of thrill and sophistication.

Designed with poker table purchasers in mind, this table is the ultimate acquisition for anyone looking to bring a slice of Las Vegas into their home game room, club, or any gathering spot for friends and family who share a love for the game.

Don't settle for mediocrity when you can have the luxurious touch and unbeatable quality of this poker table. Invite your loved ones and fellow enthusiasts to join in on the excitement, and witness as the INO Premium Black Oval Poker Table elevates your poker nights to unforgettable heights.


  • A built-in chip tray at the forefront allows easy access to chips while maintaining order. This feature ensures that the dealer has an exclusive, designated space, keeping gameplay seamless and professional.
  • Accidental spills? They’re a thing of the past. Our table’s strategically placed cup holders, nestled in the premium armrests, minimize interference and the risk of spillage, keeping the focus solely on the game.
  • Your game’s integrity is protected with a locking key for the dropbox, safeguarding the contents and ensuring that only authorized individuals have access, providing peace of mind for both the host and the players.
  • The spacious oval shape ensures ample room for up to 10 players, making it perfect for tournaments, casual games, or any poker night looking to mimic the professionalism and excitement of a real casino experience.

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Wood, Rubber
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