Detector de metales impermeable ajustable portátil

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  • Fully Adjustable Stand
  • Waterproof Base
  • Quick/Simple Assembly
  • Durable Material

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Spend more time outdoors and go treasure-hunting with this high-sensitivity Portable Metal Detector - who knows maybe you'll find an ancient relic hidden somewhere in your backyard. This metal detector can also help to find underground pipelinesmetal scrapold artilleryjewelrycoinsgold, etc. It is equipped with the latest technology and is, by far, one of the best gold metal detectors on the market.


Dimensiones: 42,1"(largo) x 7,9(ancho)
Voltaje: 9,6 voltios
Sensibilidad: 180 milímetros
Peso: 2,5 kilos
Fuente de alimentación: 2 pilas de 9 V (no incluidas)
Mostrar: Cosa análoga
Frecuencia: 6,3 kHz
Profundidad: 4-10"

Included Items

1 x Search Coil

1 x Control Box

1 x Stem

1 x Joint Units

1 x Arm Rest Stand

1 x Handle

1 x User Manual

Key Benefits

Audible Alerts

Never miss another opportunity finding treasure at home or outdoors.

Hassle Free

The detector comes with everything you need to start searching.

Perfect Gift

Gift this portable metal detector and go treasure hunting with friends.


This powerful underwater metal detector is perfect for detecting aluminum, copper and rare metals. Once a detection occurs, the audible alerts will immediately notify you, ensuring that you will never miss any precious opportunities.
metal gold detector for beginners


You don't have to be an expert to use this metal detector. The one-touch auto-tune, ergonomic arm-supporting handle, and the built-in speakers jack will make metal detection fun and enjoyable experience for the whole family.
premium underwater metal and gold detector


Our precious stone detector coil will help you go relic hunting anywhere you want - back yard, park, garden or beach. The coil of the portable metal detector is waterproof, so you can search for metal or treasure in the shallow water area.

underwater gold metal detector


Whether you are a novice treasure hunter or an expert, this portable metal detector is a perfect choice. It is equipped with the latest technology and includes manual knobs that allow you to adjust the sensitivity.
best portable metal gold detector for sale




What is the max detection depth of this detector?

A: 0.2-1.5 meters.

Does this require any assembly?

A: Yes, minor assembly is required.

Is this portable metal detector beginner friendly?

A: Yes, this metal detector is extremely easy to use and setup. In fact, it is so user-friendly that it can be assembled and ready to go in minutes. 

Does it come with any warranty?

A: This product is back by a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1 year manufacture warranty. In addition, you may also purchase our extended warranty for greater coverage.