What results can I expect?

Your body creates 40,000 dead skin cells per day and the deal cells end up in your hair follicles and pores! They hide in your face and especially on the surface of your nose so this is where you will see the most results. We recommend targeting the areas that are most greasy such as your nose for instance. You will see results immediately after use and will feel extremely refreshed. Within 1 to 2 weeks, your blackheads will begin to disappear due to an overall cleaner and healthier skin.


Will it bruise my face?

No, this blackhead remover is safe and painless. However, it is recommended to always start with use the weakest suction intensity first and not suction any area for longer than 3 seconds.


Will it work for my skin?

Yes, this device is suitable for any age or skin type.


Is it easy to clean?

Yes, simply rinse the beauty heads with hot soapy water.


Can multiple people use it?

Yes, it comes with multiple washable beauty heads. However, most people end up wanting to use their own.


How do I change the suction mode?

Simply press the button on the front of the device and the light indicator will show you which level it is set to.


Is it rechargeable?

Yes, you can change it easily wit the included USB cable.