DELICIOUS FLAVOR PROFILE - No flavor additives. Only hot tea blend on the market that combines Milk Oolong Tea, Rice Green Tea & Roasted Barley Tea. Rich in flavor and aroma. Bold, warm and nutty. With a sweet flowery scent and a creamy, smooth delicate honey taste.

SMOOTH ENERGY - Contains both Quercetin and L-Theanine. The combination makes this loose leaf tea blend an antioxidant powerhouse. L-Theanine has been proven to boost brain function and focus when paired with caffeine- a natural coffee substitute, activating energy levels and mood without the jitters. Quercetin has been proven to reduce inflammation and cortisol levels, aiding your body in managing stress.

BOOST METABOLISM & IMPROVE DIGESTION - Contains polyphenols that help to block enzymes that build up fat. Made with 100% clean natural ingredients, being one of the healthiest beverages on the planet - ideal for drinking first thing in the morning or after meals. Acts as a powerful diuretic that relieves bloating, reduces water retention and boosts metabolism. Turn drink into energy.

EXCLUSIVE LOOSE LEAF TEA - Premium grade. Our Luxury Milk Oolong loose leaf is grown and hand processed from Jin Xuan Mountain in beautiful Taiwan. Known for producing naturally rich tea with a milky flavor, this creaminess is enhanced by baking the leaves for 12 hours. Blended with our Decadent Japanese Rice Green Tea from the mystical plantations of Shizuoka Japan. Their signature tea leaves are deep steamed to bring out the nutty green hue. Resulting in an irresistible flavor profile.