Model: ALEKO Dual Swing Gate Operator GG1300/AS1300 AC/DC
Motor: 24V DC, 80W per actuator, 3A Current
Power Supply: 110V/60Hz Or 220V/50Hz
Actuator Speed: 1.6 cm/second (5/8 inch/second)
Actuator Travel: 385mm (15 3/4")
Max Weight of Each Gate panel: 880 lb
Max Length of Each Gate panel: 18 ft.
H Bracket Dimensions for 30W Solar Panel (LxW): 15.35 x 9.6 inches
L Bracket Dimensions (LxW): 5.3 x 1.9 inches
Auto-Closing Duration: programmable (0 to 99 seconds)
Ambient Temperature: -20C(-4F) ~ +50C(+122F)