1500W Small Electric Portable Instant Tankless Hot Water RV Shower Heater, 10L (95415304)

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Do you enjoy bathing in warm water and need a tankless water heater to make this possible for you on a daily? Our electric tankless water heater was built to give you a warm shower anytime that you need it.


With 1500 watts of power, the rv tankless hot water heater can heat your bath water within 3 seconds of turning it on. It is also very easy to adjust the water temperature by simply pressing the smart buttons on the instant hot water heater.


Equipped with a stainless steel heating pipe, the instant electric water heater will remain in top shape despite constant water exposure. This means that the steel heating pipe is rust-resistant and won't affect the quality of the water that you use to shower in.


Best part of all, the electric tankless hot water heater can be mounted on your shower wall or under the sink with ease. Take long and comforting showers by using the electric instant water heater in your bathroom!




  • The small hot water heater is quickly heated to eliminate the long wait because of the 1500W power, which is more time-saving.
  • You can wash multiple sets of utensils at once because of its 10L/2.6gal capacity, which can meet the heating needs of the family's daily life.
  • The hot water storage tank is safe to use because of the high-temperature protection, high voltage protection, anti-dry burn protection, grounding protection, and power isolation protection.
  • The 304 stainless steel liner will not rust to affect the water quality and water clean after long-time use.



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Main Material ABS Plastic, 304 Stainless Steel
Color White
Net Weight 16.7 LBS
Voltage 110V
Waterproof IPX4
Power 1500W
Max. Temp. 72°C
Capacity 10L
1 x 1500W Electric Instant Shower Heater
1 x Hanging Plate
1 x Drain Pipe
1 x Pressure Relief Valve
1 x User Manual

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