18 Tab Paintless Car Dent Remover Puller Tool Kit

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Are you looking for a paintless car dent puller removal tool kit to help you pull out those nasty dents that ruin the fancy look of your car without needing professional care? With this Car Dent Remover Tool you can remove the dent by yourself. The dent puller is suitable for any person to operate and removes the dent seamlessly by simply 'pulling it out.'



The padded feet add support for maximum pulling power Hand unit allows for controlled leverage while removing dents On the bottom of the dent lifter is silicone, not ordinary rubber ,which is very soft and not harmful for oil paint and can be teared down.



Using our car dent puller requires no external chemicals or toxic materials; it's as simple as attaching it onto the affected area and squeezing the handles until the dent is gone. No type of additional damage is done to the car with this dent removal tool.



Best part of all, the dent lifter is extremely compact and lightweight. Plus the pads are silicone and not ordinary rubber, which prevent damage to your car's body when removing the dent. Make your car appear as good as new by getting rid of those annoying dents with the dent puller kit!



Premium Material - Simply put, the dent removal tool was built to last. Our car dent puller is made with high-quality aluminum and durable plastic and doesn't damage the auto surface. Very sturdy for long time use.

Multi-Functional - Our dent puller tool was designed to work on a wide variety of different car models and structures. Plus, it can work on motorcycles as well! As long as the affected surface is flat and non-porous, this paintless dent repair tool will work.

Simple Operation - Using our suction cup dent puller is as simple as gluing the dent puller to the center of the dent and twisting the knob until the dent pops out. This should occur within a few seconds to few minutes of use.


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Material Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Net Weight 432g
Size 7.1"(L) * 8.5"(W) * 4.9"(H)
  • 1   x Paintless Car Dent Remover Puller Lifter

  • 18 x Car Dent Repair Tabs

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