HARVIA KIP UL Certified Electric Sauna Heater With WiFi Remote Control And Stones (SAK74563)

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Power (KW): 3.0

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Imagine stepping into your own personal oasis, where the stresses of the day melt away with each breath. The HARVIA KIP UL Certified Electric Sauna Heater is designed to transform your small to medium-sized sauna room into a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Experience unparalleled convenience with the Harvia Xenio digital control panel. Easily adjust the temperature and preset features to match your preferences. But the luxury doesn't stop there. With the Xenio WiFi Remote Control, you can manage your sauna settings directly from your smartphone, no matter where you are. This seamless integration of technology ensures that your perfect sauna experience is always within reach.

The HARVIA KIP UL Certified Electric Sauna Heater isn't just a product—it's an invitation to elevate your daily life. Step into your sauna, close your eyes, and feel the cares of the world drift away. Ready to transform your space and your well-being? Discover the HARVIA KIP today.


  • Crafted in Finland, the HARVIA KIP sauna heater reflects a legacy of excellence. Its stainless steel construction promises durability and efficient heating, ensuring that your sauna is always ready to envelop you in warmth. The large stone space maximizes heat release, creating an even, soothing warmth that permeates every corner of your sauna.
  • Safety is paramount in the design of this heater. The outer casing remains cool to the touch, even as it brings your sauna to the perfect temperature. For added peace of mind, the heater features a 60-minute automatic shut-off. Simply reset the timer if you wish to extend your relaxing session.
  • Whether you prefer the dry heat of a traditional sauna or the invigorating steam of a wet sauna, the HARVIA KIP has you covered. Easily switch between experiences to suit your mood and needs. Each purchase includes high-quality sauna stones, so you're ready to enjoy your new sanctuary from day one.




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Dimensions: 11L x 16W x 24H in.
Certification: UL Certified
Power: 4.5,6,8 kW; 220-240V
Room Size Heating Capacity: 100-210 cu ft.
Material: Stainless Steel
Control Panel: Separate Digital Control Panel with WiFi Remote Control
Sauna Stones Included: Yes
(1) HARVIA KIP UL Certified Electric Sauna Heater, (1) Stones, (1) Digital Control Panel With WiFi Remote Control (CX004WIFI)

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