Inflatable Outdoor Projector Screen

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  • 100% Portable Design
  • Puncture Proof
  • Continuous Air Blower
  • Easy Operation

30-Day Money Back Guaranteed


Do have enough room indoors to setup your home theater system and invite a large number of guests to watch a movie with you? This Outdoor Blow Up Movies Project Screen is extremely easy to setup and is equipped with a continuous blower that keeps your screen inflated at all times.


Net Weight: 5.0-9.5 kg (11.0-21.0 lbs)
Material: Polyester Cloth
Wire Length: 5.9 - 12.1'
Blower: Continuous Air Blower
16" 13.3' (L) x 5.3' (W) x 10.4' (H)
18' 15.0' (L) x 5.0' (W) x 11.5' (H)
20' 16.4' (L) x 7.0' (W) x 13.2' (H)

What's Included

1 x Blow Up Screen

1 x Heavy Duty Blower

1 x Carrying Bag

1 x Instruction Manual

x Rope

x Ground Long Nail

Key Benefits

Hassle Free

This inflatable outdoor movie screen can be setup in minutes.

Crisp Images

The proprietary polyester material displays ultra HD content.

Perfect Gift

Gift this to friends and enjoy watching the latest movies together.


Spend the most precious and romantic moments with your loved ones outsides and enjoy watching your favorite movies or TV shows on a big movie screen at the luxury of your our yard and without complete privacy.
Best Outdoor Inflatable Movie Blow Up Projector Screen


This large outdoor movie projector screen comes in multiple different sizes that offer you the best outdoor movie experience ever. It supports both front and rear projection, making it extremely convenient to use and setup.
Best Portable Inflatable Movie Projector Screen For Outside


Could I project from both the front and rear?

A: Yes, this screen supports both front and read projection.

Does this require any assembly?

A: No, it comes assembled.

Is a lot of noise generated by the air blower?

A: No, the blower is extremely quiet and does not distract from watching a movie.

Does it come with any warranty?

A: This product is eligible for a 30-day money back guarantee. In addition, you may purchase our extended warranty for additional protection.