Large 20 Frame Honey Langstroth Beehive Box Kit

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Are you looking for a place to let your bees live in and product honey? Our Large Beehive Box is the perfect environment for bees to create their home. It is constructed using natural wood material that makes the entire hive sturdy, firm and last for years to come.



Unlike traditional bee boxes, our honey bee box contains 20 frames that allow you to store the honey produced by the bees. This way, you can be confident that you'll never run out of space to hold the honey and collect large amounts of honey at a time.

Equipped with a telescopic rooftop, the langstroth beehive box is extremely easy to open up when it's time to remove the honey from the frames. Plus there is an inner cover that allows for added air ventilation, allowing for healthier bees and high quality honey.



Best part of all, the honey bee hive box kit comes with everything you need straight out of the box. The bee keeping box is extremely easy to assemble and comes with pre-cut finger joints that makes putting together the bee quilt box a breeze.

Material Natural Wood
Overall Dimensions 22.0"(L) x 18.0"(W) x 19.7"(H)
Net Weight 57.3 lbs (26.0 kg)
  • 1 x Broods Box With 10 Medium Frames

  • 1 x Top Cover

  • x Broads Box With 10 Depp Frame

  • 1 x Inner Cover

  • 1 x Bottom Board With Entrance Reducer

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