Massage Circle


Color: Pink

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The Massage Circle is the most ergonomic massager yet. It features 4 different rollers with 3D pressure points. You can easily target and massage even the most difficult areas with ease. Give yourself a relaxing and long-lasting massage like you have never experienced before.





Instant Pain Relief: With the Massage Circle, you can give your neck, arms, legs and other sore areas a gentle yet effective massage for long-lasting pain relief. The flexible handles allow you to modulate the pressure as you wish.





Ergonomic & Effective: Through deep tissue stimulation, this massager improves blood circulation and helps in reducing fat. It also helps speed up recovery and muscle growth when used post workouts.




Versatile & Adaptable: Whether you have soreness due to sitting or standing all day, lifting weights, running, dancing or post injuries, the Massage Circle will provide relief. It emulates the natural and relaxing massage of human fingers to help release all the tension, stress and worry from your mind. The perfect way to wind down after a long day at work.



Size: 11.4" (29 cm) H x 10.2" (26 cm) W
Weight: 1.1 lbs (0.5 kg)
Material: Polypropylenen

Can I use this if my thighs are fat?

The width of the massager can be adjusted to as much as 60 cms (23.6 Inches). So you can use it to massage your legs and thighs easily.

Will it snap if it is stretched too much?

No, It is made of flexible, yet sturdy PP material which makes it difficult to destroy. So you can be assured of its strength and long life.

Does the massager become loose over time?

The super flexible material easily stretches and goes back to its original shape. Put it aside for a while after use, and it will restore itself automatically.

How do I know it’s working?

Be sure to experiment with the pressure to figure out what works for you, but have a firm grip and apply enough pressure to ensure a better massage and better toning.