Premium Electric Heated Rechargeable Acupressure Hand Compression Massager

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Discover stronger hands in minutes! Our Hand & Wrist Compression Massager soothes and quickly restores hands. As soon as you insert your hand in the massage chamber, you'll feel the rhythmic air pressure kneading every inch of your hand as a form of gentle massage, improving blood flow, oxygen levels and nutrients in your hands.



Our acupressure reflexology massager provides comprehensive massage to relieve arthritis and carpal tunnel symptoms, as well as fatigued and sore hands in general. Revitalizing air compression points envelop the entire hand, pulsing rhythmically to apply gradual pressure, while gently stretching the palm and fingers. 



As the hand and finger massager begins to knead the tension out of the small muscles in your hand, it also cleanses your tissues of accumulated toxins. This process helps your tissues heal faster in case of injury and takes some of the pressure off your immune system.



Feel a rush of gratifying relief, while being caressed by soothing heat spreading from the back of your hand through to your fingers and palm. No need for a second person, no need to go to a massage center, no need to even do it yourself – it’s one of the most satisfying yet effortless hand massagers you will come across.



Full Coverage: The inner side of the hand massager is covered with air cushions that become activated with three-dimensional waves once it is turned on. It massages the whole hand and hits the acupressure points that provides an amazing massaging experience.

Customizable: You can control the intensity and the mode of the massage through the touch control panel. There are multiple massage modes and temperature settings. These settings will enable you to target specific acupoints. Select the male or female button first, then adjust the strength button. If you want the heating effect, press the heating button.

Multi-Purpose: This acupressure hand massager improves blood circulation, alleviates hand fatigue, releases pressure, enhances joint flexibility and grants smoothness to your sore and rough hands.


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Material ABS
Battery Capacity 2200 mAh
Charge Method
USB (Type-C) Rechargeable
Levels 3
Auto Massager 15 minutes
Weight 1.7 lbs
Dimensions (8.3 x 7.0 x 4.1)" (L x W x H)
  • 1 x Portable Wireless Hand Massager
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

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