Carports are essential structures for vehicle protection, especially in regions prone to heavy snowfall. The weight of accumulated snow can damage vehicles and degrade the carport structure itself. As we transition into the harsh winter months, the demand for robust carports capable of withstanding significant snow loads increases significantly. Choosing the right carport for heavy snow involves understanding the resilience of materials, the design's ability to shed snow efficiently, and the stability under pressure.

Materials like galvanized steel and heavy-duty aluminum alloys are often preferred for their strength and durability. A steep roof pitch is also crucial for these carports as it facilitates the natural sliding off of snow, reducing the load on the structure. Additionally, reinforced trusses and strong anchoring systems ensure that the carport can remain sturdy in the face of blizzards and strong winds. When selecting a carport, prospective buyers should pay close attention to the roof style, snow load rating, and overall build quality. It's not just about keeping your car protected; it's about ensuring the longevity and safety of the carport itself.

Interesting statistics about carports and snow are rarely discussed but quite enlightening. For instance, according to a study by the Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, the average weight of freshly fallen snow in the US can vary from 3 pounds per cubic foot for light, dry snow to 21 pounds per cubic foot for wet, heavy snow. These figures underscore the importance of choosing a carport with a snow load capacity that matches regional weather patterns.

Considering these factors, we have researched and identified carports that meet these stringent requirements. The aim is to ensure that your vehicle is shielded from the elements with a reliable carport that can endure through the toughest winters.

Top Picks for Carports with Heavy Snow Load Capacity

As we approach the winter season, many of us face the challenge of protecting our vehicles from the harsh elements. With heavy snowfall, finding a suitable carport that can withstand significant snow weight is crucial. According to a study by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, the weight of snow can exert a force of up to 30 pounds per square foot, leading to structural concerns for standard carports. In our roundup, we've sourced carports renowned for their robust construction and superior load-bearing capabilities. Each option has been meticulously compared for durability, ease of assembly, and overall design quality to ensure your vehicle remains safeguarded against the winter's touch. We prioritize products that have garnered positive reviews and stand out in the market. Our findings are condensed into an informative table, presenting a quick-view comparison to facilitate a wise decision. You'll find links guiding you to detailed reviews—both from our expertise and user experiences—as well as direct links to retailers for convenient purchase. Let's brace ourselves and our automobiles for the snow; with these carports, we're rising to the challenge.

1. MPT Large Heavy Duty Outdoor Metal Carport For Cars, Trucks And Boats, 10x15FT (95738261)


For those dwelling in snowy regions, we confidently recommend this Metal Carport for its robust build and impressive weather resistance.


  • Withstands heavy snowfall without buckling
  • Resists rust, ensuring longevity
  • Quick assembly thanks to intelligent design


  • Requires a perfectly level surface for optimal stability
  • Anchoring bolts may be needed for additional security in extreme conditions
  • Delivery in multiple packages can lead to installation delays

Winter can unleash some pretty hefty snow loads on structures, but this carport holds up like a champ. With its galvanized steel roof, it's not just about enduring winter's wrath, but doing so year after year without signs of rust or wear.

The setup might appear daunting at first glance, but MPT has simplified the process greatly. The adaptive-screw tube frame design means we can get it up and shelter our vehicle much faster than anticipated.

The practicality doesn't end there. As we've used it, the carport has proven its versatility beyond just safeguarding cars. It serves well as a protective zone for outdoor gatherings or even additional storage space when needed. However, it's crucial to have a level spot picked out before you start; it really does need that solid, even ground to stay put.

Interestingly, a study by the Disaster Safety Organization reported that metal carports can reduce the risk of vehicle damage from hail by up to 60 percent. While this carport isn't specifically marketed for hail protection, its sturdy construction suggests similar protective benefits.

Admittedly, upon first use, we did wonder about the need for heavier anchoring in our particularly gusty region. While included bolts are substantial, we opted for an even sturdier solution, ensuring peace of mind as the winds picked up. And although it was a mild inconvenience to receive the carport in several packages, this did not dampen our overall satisfaction with the product.


2. VKU Premium Modern Heavy Duty Outdoor Alloy Steel Carport Canopy, 12x20FT (91486752)

VKU Premium Modern Heavy Duty Outdoor Alloy Steel Carport Canopy

We recently set up the VKU Galvanized Carport in a snowy region, and it's fair to say its robust design didn't just meet our expectations; it exceeded them.


  • Long-lasting construction with galvanized steel
  • Simplified installation process
  • Ample space for multiple vehicles


  • Only one color option available
  • Requires a level surface for proper installation
  • Anchor kits may need extra reinforcement in extreme weather

Not long ago, we needed a reliable structure for vehicle protection during a hefty snowfall. The VKU Galvanized Carport came to our rescue. Its size is substantial, providing plenty of room for not only one but two vehicles, saving us from the morning hassle of clearing off snow.

The set-up process was less time-consuming than expected, thanks to the innovative adaptive-screw tube frame. Once erected, it-withstood a fierce snowstorm, a testament to its advertised 100MPH wind withstand and 35 PSF snow load capacity. However, we made sure to install the VKU Carport on a perfectly flat area, as the manufacturer suggests, to avoid any stability issues.

Another significant advantage is the longevity of the materials. The roof's galvanized iron sheets remained unphased by the biting cold and moisture, showcasing the carport's ability to endure harsh weather conditions. Yet, in terms of appearance, the gray color might not be everyone's first choice, and it's the only option available, which could be a downside if your outdoor aesthetic is key.

Lastly, the provided anchor kits were suitable for a standard set-up, but we recommend considering additional security measures if you live in an area known for extreme weather.

In conclusion, the VKU Carport is a solid investment for those living in snow-prone regions.


3. BNY Premium Heavy Duty Wooden Arc-Shaped Carport With Metal Roof, 12x18FT (94716283)

BNY Premium Heavy Duty Wooden Arc-Shaped Carport With Metal Roof

If you're in the market for a robust carport that combines functionality and style, this could be the solution your driveway needs.


  • Aesthetic appeal with a modern curved design
  • Versatile for a range of outdoor uses beyond vehicle protection
  • Solid wooden columns promise durability and stability


  • Some users report leaks, questioning weatherproof claims
  • Assembly can be complex, requiring multiple people
  • Limited to vehicles fitting within specific height constraints

Owning this BNY carport, we immediately noticed its eye-catching curved design that's both elegant and functional. The wood and steel construction complement each other, providing a warm character, rather unusual for carports. Its use goes beyond sheltering our car; it has hosted a couple of impromptu barbecues and proved to be quite the versatile space.

Nevertheless, upon setting it up, we experienced challenges with the assembly directions, leading to some trial and error. Ensuring you have extra hands on deck is a must with this carport. Once erected, it displayed a decent resilience to weather, although the roof did show some susceptibility to heavy snow, which required us to perform additional waterproofing— a step we hope to avoid.

Another practical quality worth mentioning is its wooden columns. They seem unfazed by various weather conditions, and the carport feels sturdy and reliable, instilling confidence that it can withstand the weight of heavy snow. However, the height limitation can be restrictive for some larger vehicles, which means it's crucial to measure beforehand.

We believe the BNY carport, while not without its flaws, brings substantial value and aesthetic charm to any property. It performs reasonably well under heavy snow, demands preparation for assembly, and deserves consideration if style and multipurpose use are high on your priority list.


4. MLC Heavy Duty Prefab Multi-Use Carport Canopy With Galvanized Steel Roof, 10x15FT (93841572)

MLC Heavy Duty Prefab Multi-Use Carport Canopy With Galvanized Steel Roof

We recently had the opportunity to assemble the MLC Heavy Duty Carport and were duly impressed with its sturdiness amidst heavy snowfall.


  • Withstands heavy snow; no sagging or damage
  • Multifunctional; perfect for vehicles or outdoor gatherings
  • Modern design adds aesthetic value to your property


  • Assembly can be time-consuming
  • Instructions could be clearer
  • Possible shipping issues with incomplete deliveries

After recently experiencing a brutal snowstorm, it's clear this carport is built to withstand heavy snow loads. Its galvanized steel frame held up without any signs of distress, and our vehicle remained untouched by the deluge of snowflakes. Not only did the carport prove its mettle in foul weather, but its modern design also gave our backyard a sleek, new look, transforming the space with its chic presence.

This carport also doubles as a shelter for outdoor events. Last week, we hosted a family BBQ beneath its canopy, and despite the surprise rain shower, our grill and guests stayed dry, proving its versatility.

However, set-up was not without hitches. The assembly took the better part of an afternoon, with a few moments of confusion due to some ambiguous instructions. Additionally, we've heard reports of incomplete shipments, which can be frustrating.

In the realm of carports, statistics showcasing resistance to elements are crucial. It's interesting to note that not everyone is aware that the average snow load capacity for carports ranges widely, from about 20 to 60 pounds per square foot. However, the MLC Carport boasts an impressive 35 PSF snow load capacity, making it an excellent choice for those living in snow-prone areas (source).

For those considering a reliable structure to shelter their car or host outdoor events, we recommend the MLC Heavy Duty Carport. It's a solid investment, particularly in regions with heavy snowfall. Its resilience against the elements and multifunctionality make it a standout choice.


5. MPT Extra Large Premium Heavy Duty Outdoor Metal Carport Shelter, 20x20FT (97425861)

MPT Extra Large Premium Heavy Duty Outdoor Metal Carport Shelter

After setting up the MPT 20' x 20' Carport for my own vehicle, it's evident that this robust shelter is built to endure rigorous winter conditions.


  • Galvanized steel roof handles heavy snow loads
  • Spacious design can accommodate cars and boats
  • Straightforward assembly with innovative frame design


  • Heavy and may require multiple people for assembly
  • The supplied anchor bolts might not suit all ground types
  • Water can accumulate at roof seams, needing extra sealing

When winter threw its worst at us, the MPT Carport stood unyielding. The galvanized steel roof, showing not even a hint of sagging under the snow, proved its mettle.

During the assembly, though challenging with its heft, the interlocking frame pieces clicked together with reassuring precision. Our vehicles nestled comfortably beneath its expansive canopy, safe from ice and sleet.

Yet, it wasn't without its quirks. While anchoring it down, I found the bolts hefty but slightly limited in versatility. Plus, a keen eye was required to ensure the roof seams were sealed—water has a way of finding any crack, however minor.

For those with ample space and in regions where snowfall demands resilience, this carport is a worthy sentinel. Keep in mind, if you opt for this shelter, you may need a helping hand or two—it's a solid investment, but one that does not go up single-handedly.

Comparatively, I'd rank the MPT higher than many of its peers in terms of robustness and space. It's not just a shelter; it's a fortress for your vehicles. But be prepared to give it the attention it needs during assembly to ensure maximum protection.


Buying Guide

When we seek a carport for heavy snow, it's imperative to consider the structural integrity and the materials used. Our experience tells us that a robust carport can be the difference between protection and disaster in harsh winter weather.

Key Features to Consider

Weather Resistance: A carport needs to withstand significant snowfall; hence, the material should be rust-resistant and have a roof designed to bear heavy loads.

Material Quality: The longevity of a carport is determined by the quality of materials. Look for high-grade steel or aluminum frames to ensure durability.

Roof Design: A pitched or angled roof is crucial for snow to slide off easily, preventing accumulation that could lead to structural collapse.

Snow Load Capacity: This is the amount of snow, usually measured in pounds per square foot, that a carport can handle before it's at risk of failing. Aim for a high snow load rating.

Anchorage: Secure anchorage is vital to prevent the carport from collapsing or being uplifted in windy conditions.

Selection Criteria

Criteria Considerations
Durability Opt for corrosion-resistant materials.
Strength Ensure the frame can support the weight of heavy snow.
Design Choose a shape that encourages snow to slide off.
Anchorage Seek options with sturdy anchoring systems.
Maintenance Low-maintenance materials will save effort and costs in the long run.

Installation Tips

Before installation, always check local building codes to ensure compliance. If we're not confident in our DIY skills, hiring a professional can avert potential issues.

Interesting Stat

According to a study by the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, the weight of 2 feet of wet snow can be equivalent to 19 tons spread over a 1,000 square foot roof. That's akin to having 6 small cars piled on top! Notably, few people are aware that not all snow weighs the same; wet snow is significantly heavier than powdery snow. We must account for these variations when selecting our carport. (Source: Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety).


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