One-Person Low EMF Indoor FAR Infrared Hemlock Wood Personal Dry Home Sauna Room, 800W (91738462)

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Experience luxurious relaxation and improved health with this 1-Person Low EMF Indoor FAR Infrared Hemlock Wood Personal Dry Home Sauna Room! This slim single-person model is perfectly proportioned to fit even the most compact spaces, so you can enjoy spa-level indulgence in the comfort of your own home. Each sauna is made from durable Canadian hemlock wood, which provides excellent insulation and heat retention - ideal for a relaxing sauna session.


With five low EMF carbon heaters positioned to provide consistent heat throughout the body, you can enjoy all of the health benefits that come with regular sauna use - such as increased circulation/detoxification, joint/muscle pain relief, stress relief/sleep aid, improved skin appearance, and assistance with weight loss. It's easy to use too; just set your time and temperature (77-140°F) using the LCD control panel and let it heat up quickly in as little as 10-15 minutes!


Plus there are built-in Bluetooth speakers and a reading light for entertainment while you unwind. Quality craftsmanship and safety protection are a priority, with triple power-off protection for added peace of mind. Enjoy unlimited sauna time at a fraction of the cost of an expensive spa - choose 1 Person FAR Infrared Hemlock Wood Sauna today!


  • Experience true relaxation with our sauna! Our Bluetooth speakers and LED reading light help to protect your vision, while providing the perfect place for a stress-free soak. Enjoy soothing music or a good book while letting your body and mind unwind.
  • Our far infrared sauna uses significantly less energy than traditional saunas as it directly heats the body, eliminating the need to heat the air to such an extreme.
  • Experience relief from stiffness and joint pain, improved circulation, deeper sleep, weight loss, and a better complexion with this powerful infrared sauna.
  • ETL, CE, and GS certified this infrared sauna room is built to last—enjoy decade-long well-being!
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Main Material:
Canadian Premium Hemlock Wood

Seat Height:

External Dimensions:
(27.6*35.4*61.8)" (L*W*H)

Glass Door:

Temperature Cutoff:

Power Plug:

Power Cord Length:

Power Supply:
60HZ /120V

Heating Material:
Far-infrared Epoxy Heating Plate

Rated Power:

Maximum Temperature:

Audio System:
Bluetooth Audio

Carton Foam Packing

Seat Load:
150 KG / 330 LBS

Internal Dimensions:
(25.5*33.4*59.0)" (L*W*H)

User Height:

Control System:
LCD Display, Button Control

Temperature Range:
1 x 1-Person Low EMF Indoor FAR Infrared Hemlock Dry Home Sauna Room
1 x User Manual

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