SNG Outdoor Walk-In Polycarbonate Garden Greenhouse With Drain Holes, 4x6FT (94251873)

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Experience the ultimate solution for gardening enthusiasts with the SNG Outdoor Walk-In Polycarbonate Garden Greenhouse. Protect your cherished plants and extend your growing season with this durable, functional, and convenient fortress for your green world. With its unique features, this greenhouse will exceed your expectations and provide all-weather protection.

Whether you're looking to accommodate a vast array of plants or store gardening tools, the SNG Outdoor Walk-In Polycarbonate Garden Greenhouse is versatile enough to suit various environments — be it a backyard, terrace, or garden. Its multifaceted usability makes it an essential asset for any green-thumbed individual desiring to elevate their gardening experience.

The SNG Outdoor Walk-In Polycarbonate Garden Greenhouse is not just a structure; it's a commitment to enhancing your gardening lifestyle, offering the perfect blend of stability, safety, space, and convenience. Welcome this indispensable addition to your outdoor space and elevate your gardening game to new heights.


  • Crafted to endure, the SNG Outdoor Walk-In Greenhouse boasts a robust construction with a solid pine cold wood frame and a coat of outdoor paint that enhances its strength. Engineered to withstand wind levels of 4 - 5, this greenhouse remains steadfast against harsher winds and weather challenges many other structures succumb to.
  • The clear polycarbonate panels of this walk-in greenhouse offer more than just a glimpse into your thriving garden; they invite the optimal amount of sunlight while creating a nurturing heat and humidity level critical for plant growth. This high-quality material protects your plants from the harmful UV rays, and adversities such as cold, wind, rain, and unwelcome invaders, effectively extending the growing season and safeguarding your green treasures.
  • The thoughtful design includes a front door, effortlessly blending convenience with functionality. The door ensures easy entry and exit for gardeners while remaining comfortably spacious for managing numerous plants. Attached is a latch for added security, allowing you to lock the greenhouse when necessary. Designed to open upwards and downwards, the door facilitates air circulation, moisture, and creates a warm, windless haven for plant life.



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Pine Wood, Polycarbonate

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(1) 4x6FT SNG Outdoor Walk-In Polycarbonate Garden Greenhouse, (1) Set of Accessories, (1) User Manual

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