Heavy Duty 12V Electric Outboard Boat Trolling Motor Engine (94935146)

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Are you ready to speedily propel your boat in vast bodies of water with the help of our powerful outboard electric trolling motor. Equipped with a large propeller, the kayak motor has a quick startup time and can help your boat move to max speed within seconds. Fitted onto the kayak trolling motor is a powerful 12V motor that is capable of producing up to 55 pounds of thrust. This way, you could enjoy moving forward without needing to worrying about your boat being pushed back by the strong current.

Unlike gasoline trolling motors that produce odor and a large amount of noise, our electric trolling motor is environmentally-friendly and extremely quiet so you neighbors wouldn't be disturbed by our canoe motor. Most importantly, the electric kayak motor is extremely easy to use for both beginner and expert users. It has an ergonomic control lever that gives you full control of the direction that your boat goes in.


  • kayak fishing motor is constructed using durable lightweight fiber glass that is rustproof and corrosion resistant so your electric kayak motor could last for years to come.
  • The 12V trolling motor for canoe provides instant torque once it is connected to a 12V power source. Enjoy the luxury of not having to pull strings in order to start the trolling motor for pontoon boat.
  • This small trolling motor is equipped with a 6" telescopic handle that is not only comfortable to hold, but is fully adjustable to fit your needs.



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Materials Glass Fiber Tube, Plastic Support
Color Black & White
Net Weight 17.2lbs / 7.8kg
Sizes Main Rod: 76cm
(40.6 x 17.7 x 5.9)" (L x W x H)
Voltage 12V
35, 46, 55 LBS
  • 1 x Electric Trolling Motor (Without Battery)
  • 1 x Wrench
  • 1 x User Manual

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