Heavy Duty Advanced Electric Full Body Patient Lift With Safe, Adjustable, Dual-Control System, 400LBS (92518624)

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Introducing the Heavy Duty Advanced Electric Full Body Patient Lift – the ultimate lifting solution that redefines patient care at home. Designed for those who seek reliability, safety, and comfort for their loved ones, this electric patient lift combines state-of-the-art technology with user-friendly features to ensure a secure, comfortable transfer experience for patients and caregivers alike.

At the core of our product’s design is a deep commitment to safety. The Heavy Duty Advanced Electric Full Body Patient Lift is built with top-tier safety features to offer peace of mind for patients and caregivers. Every lift and transfer is performed with the highest standard of security in mind, ensuring a trustworthy solution for patient mobility.

Designed for patient lift purchasers who demand the best for their care environments, our Heavy Duty Advanced Electric Full Body Patient Lift is more than just a patient handling equipment. It’s a testament to innovation, safety, and compassionate care. Elevate your caregiving experience with a product that understands and addresses the real challenges of patient handling.


  • Experience the pinnacle of lifting technology. Our lift uses an advanced electro-hydraulic lever system that provides smooth and controlled lifting operations. Say goodbye to the fatigue and risks associated with manual lifts. The hydraulic system facilitates precise height adjustments, allowing for the ideal lift position tailored to each patient’s needs.
  • Stability is non-negotiable when it comes to patient handling. That’s why our patient lift is equipped with a specially designed rear wheel brake pedal. A simple press locks the wheels, ensuring the lift remains securely in place during transfers. This feature guarantees a safe environment for both the caregiver and the patient, minimizing the risk of accidents.
  • Versatility is at the heart of our design. Our patient lift caters to a diverse range of patient sizes and transfer requirements. With adjustable height and base width settings, it adapts effortlessly to different environments - be it transferring a patient to a bed, chair, or other surfaces. This adaptability ensures every patient’s unique needs are met, making it a one-size-fits-all solution for patient lifting.

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Weight Capacity (LBS):

Item Weight:
90 pounds


(43*26*13)" (D*W*H)

(1) Heavy Duty Advanced Electric Full Body Patient Lift, 400LBS | (1) User Manual

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