Premium Portable Diesel Fuel Transfer Tank With Automatic Pump & Hose, 116 Gal (96474153)

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Are you in need of a reliable and dependable Diesel Fuel Transfer Tank? Look no further: our 116 Gallon Premium Portable Diesel Fuel Transfer Tank With Automatic Pump & Hose is the perfect solution for you! This product ensures safety and reliability for transporting diesel fuel, and its well-designed structure is built tough to achieve maximum durability. It has two pressure relief valves and a 13.1 ft delivery hose which helps with remote power use. A 12V pump with a 10 GPM flow rate and battery combined with a mechanical clock gauge that helps in displaying the level of diesel in the tank, makes this one of the most effective transfer tanks on the market.

That’s not all, it has grooves that make it easy and secure to move as well as integrated forklift pockets allowing for secure and stable lifting onto a vehicle -all this so that your staff can handle diesel tanks safely. An automatic fuel nozzle made from premium aluminum alloy and PVC material ensures quality, stability, and durability as well as resisting any type of chemical reaction between the nozzle and oil helping prevent any chances of corrosion or tarnishing. So if you want to get control of just how much diesel you transport at a time, look no further than our 116 Gallon Premium Portable Diesel Fuel Transfer Tank With Automatic Pump & Hose; the perfect choice for customers who value safety and reliability!


  • Made of durable polyethylene material, this portable diesel tank is durable, capable of handling changing weather conditions, and resistant to UV radiation. These high-quality materials ensure long service life.
  • The diesel fuel tank is designed to transport diesel fuel wherever needed, offering users the ultimate convenience by allowing them to refuel remotely on-site. It is used in many fields, including tanker trucks, outdoor industries, construction industries, etc.



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Tank Size:
(41.7 x 28.7 x 30)"
Hose Length:
13 ft/ 4 m
116 Gal
12V DC Pump
Wire Length:
13 ft/ 4 m
Flow Rate:
10 GPM
Item Weight:
101.4 lbs

1 x Fuel Diesel Tank Caddy
1 x User Manual

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