Dimensions (13.5*10*10.5)"
Capacity 1036.8 Wh
Certifications FCC, CE, RoHS, UN38.3, MSDS
Weight 25 LBS
AC Adapter 100-240V/60Hz:180W (MAX)
Warranty 24 Months
Cell Chemistry Lithium-ion
Single Cell Equivalent Capacity 288Ah @3.0v
Cycle-life ≥1000 cycles to 80% with full charge/ discharge
Battery Management System Input undervoltage protection, Output over-voltage protection, Short circuit protection, Overtemperature protection
Shelf-life Up to 6 months after full charge; Re-charge every 3 months
Wattage Compatibility 1000W Continuous,2000W Peak Surge
Full Recharge Time AC Adapter: 7-8 Hrs (180W Max), Two Solar 100W Solar Panels: 6-7 Hrs (12-24V/200W Max), 12V Car Adapter:10-12 Hrs, USB-C fast charge: 10-12 Hrs
Smart Phone (12Wh) 60 Charges
12" MacBook (50Wh) 12-15 Charges
Car Fridge (60W) 20-40 Hrs
CPAP Machine (80W Max) 20-40 Hrs
TV (60W) 13 Hrs
Humidifier (28W) 28 Hrs
Motion Camera (5Wh) 150 Charges
Drone (90Wh) 15 Charges
Projector (100W) 8 Hrs
Light (5W) 80 Hrs
Car Air Purifier (120W) 7 Hrs
Coffee Maker (550W) 100 Minutes
USB-A Output (2) 5V/2.4A
DC Output 5525 (2) 12V, 10A
Car Output (1) 12V, 10A
AC Output (3)  110VAC, 60Hz, 1000W (2000W Surge) Pure Sine Wave
USB-C Output (1) 5V/3A
DC Output 5525 (2) 12V, 10A
Wireless Charging(2) 10W*2
USB-C PD port (1) PD (100W Max), (5V/3A;9V/3A; 12V/3A; 15V/3A;20V/5A)
DC Charging Port/DC Input 12V-24V, 180W MAX, Car Charger, Solar Panel
Output Power ≤3W
Color Temperature 5700-6700K (Cool Daylight)
Mode Tri-mode light. Emergency Flash Mode
3-Level Brightness Level 1: 200 ± 100 LUX, Level 2: 800 ± 150 LUX, Level 3: 1400 ± 200LUX
Operating Temperature 14-104°F (-10-40℃)
Recharging Temperature 32-104°F (0-40°C)
Open Circuit Voltage 23.7V
Peak Power 200W
Max Power Voltage 19.8V
Max Power Current 10.1A
Efficiency 22%
Short Circuit Current 10.6A
Unfolded Dimensions (L x W x T) (30.35 x 22.64 x 3.66)"
Folded Dimensions (L x W) (20.4 x 27.1)"
Warranty 24 Months
Operating & Storage Temperature 14-149°F (-10°C-65°C)