600ML/MIN Portable Hydrogen Water Generator Machine W/ Smart Touch Display (95263184)

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Don't just drink water, drink healthier water! Unlock the power of molecular hydrogen with our incredible 600ml per minute portable hydrogen water generator machine with a smart touch display. This innovative and convenient 2-in-1 hydrogen water generator makes it easy to get the molecular hydrogen your body needs, combining hydrogen absorption and hydrogen drinking into one for water that is both tasty and packed with health benefits. LED display & touch screen technology make set up and operation simple.

Choose the taste you prefer and control free radical damage, improve blood circulation, improve sleep quality, and fight off inflammation with this amazing machine. Along with producing amazing-tasting hydrogen water, this machine is designed with built-in safety features like low water level, over-voltage, over temperature, machine unbalance,tds water quality, filter replacement, and working flow display. This portable hydrogen water machine is the perfect combination of safety, functionality, and convenience, so you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle every day!


  • This machine boasts a smart touch display with ultra-high sensitivity and professional digital controls.
  • An LCD screen keeps you informed of status, settings, and alerts, while built-in safety features take advantage of smart sensing technology.
  • This powerful hydrogen water generator offers an all-in-one solution for easy hydrogen absorption and consumption.



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Exterior Diameter Material:
6063 Aerospace Aluminum Alloy + Anodic Oxidation

Product Size:

Water Temperature:
Room Temperature Water

Net Weight:

Package Size:

Product Gross Weight:

Rated Power:

Water Requirement:
Pure Water/Distilled Water (Tds<3)

Gas Outlet Mode:
Double Suction

Gas Production Capacity:

Rated Voltage:

Hydrogen To Oxygen Ratio:

Hydrogen Purity:

Hydrogen Solubility:

Output Volume:

Mode Switch:
Hydrogen Absorption Mode + Hydrogen Water Mode

1 x Hydrogen Machine
2 x Snorkel
1 x Tray
1 x Drinking Water Tube
1 x Filter
1 x Adapter Tube
1 x Drain
1 x Instruction Manual

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