CAMPING SURVIVALS 4 Person Inflatable Fishing Rafting Dinghy Boat, 10FT (92710160)

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Looking for the perfect inflatable boat that you can casually sail on in the lake or sea? This exclusive inflatable raft combines security and practicality into one to provide a sturdy rib boat for a relaxing experience.

Designed with special high density PVC material, the blow up fishing boat has enough room to support 4 adults and weighs only 70 pounds, making it extremely portable. Plus, the separated three air space design evens out the pressures and provides more safety.

Best part of all, the rigid inflatable boat inflates extremely quickly and comes with paddles which are all you need to sail away! So relax, stuff our inflatable boat into your car's trunk, and take it with you to enjoy a calming day out in the lake or sea.



  • The inflatable raft comes with everything you need such as paddles, pedal pump, repair kit and carrying bag, making it extremely easy to setup and start sailing.
  • With 3 independent air chambers plus a hard deck design, this inflatable sailing dinghy has a maximum load capacity of 726 pounds so you and your friends could enjoy sailing together.
  • The side of the rigid inflatable boat has a paddle lock design. This way, when you are not using the paddles, you could lock them up and avoid them falling into the water.

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PVC, Marine Wood
Color Grey/White
Max Load 726 LBS
Chambers 2
Max HP 10
Net Weight 70.5 LBS
Size (10 x 4.2 x 1)" (L x W x H)
1 x 10FT Inflatable Dinghy Boat
1 x Instructional Manual

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