Extra Large Heavy Duty Premium Full Electric ICU Hospital Bed With Lateral Tilting And Rotation (97513864)

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Are you in need of a Full Electric Hospital Bed? Look no further! This innovative and top-of-the-line bed is designed to meet all your needs and more. It offers a multitude of functions that will make your life easier. With the simple press of a button, you can elevate the head, knees, and feet to find the most comfortable position for your patients. Plus, with the ability to lower the bed to just 19" or elevate it to a height of 32", you can ensure that your patients are always in the perfect position for care. 

But that's not all - this bed goes above and beyond to provide the utmost care and comfort. With the ability to position patients in Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg, Fowler’s, semi-Fowler’s, high-Fowler’s, and standard chair positions, you have complete control over their comfort. And with angle degree displays for precise positioning of the head elevation and Trendelenburg movements, you can ensure that your patients are always in the ideal position for their needs.>

Choose this Heavy Duty Full Electric Medical Hospital Bed and provide your patients with the comfort and care they deserve. With its innovative features, superior functionality, and LINAK system, you can't go wrong. It's time to upgrade to a bed that truly puts the needs of your patients first. Purchase your Heavy Duty Full Electric Medical Hospital Bed today and redefine patient care like never before.


  • The EZ-Turn Bed comes with a central locking System with 5 inch aluminum caster wheels and brake pedals, which allow for ease of movement, even on carpeted surfaces.
  • Included is a 2-year warranty for parts and labor, a 5-year warranty for the LINAK actuator electric motor, and an impressive 10-year warranty for the sturdy bed frame. Trust in the quality of this remarkable product for years to come.



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(86.0*41.8*19.7-32.3)" (L*W*H)

550 LBS

287 LBS

(78.7*35.4)" (L*W)
1 x Heavy Duty Full Electric Medical Hospital Bed
1 x Instruction Manual

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