Premium Heavy Duty 3 Rifle Home Gun Safe With Digital Keypad And Lock, 52" (97425183)

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Are you a gun owner looking for the perfect storage solutions for your firearms? Look no further! This Large Heavy Duty 3 Rifles Gun Safe With Digital Keypad And Lock is just what you need. Boasting a full steel structure and reinforced door, our long gun safe offers unmatched physical protection against prying and tampering. It can store up to three rifles and four pistols, while easily accommodating your growing collection with the detachable gun racks.


The digital touch screen lock with the 3-12 digit password ensures secure access only to authorized users, while providing an additional layer of security with two spare keys. Additionally, the external power supply box allows you peace of mind in case of emergencies when either the battery or keys are not available. The door panel swings open up to 180 degrees, offering easy access to your firearms even in low light settings, thanks to its bright automatically illuminated LED.


Trust in this Large Heavy Duty 3 Rifles Gun Safe With Digital Keypad And Lock to safeguard your guns forever. Fully assembled, this purchase is an investment that will prove its worth. Indulge yourself now and ensure your arsenal's security!


  • Featuring a heavy-duty 7/8" steel construction, our gun safe can hold three firearms up to 48" long with or without scopes. The adjustable, detachable long gun rack, 4-gun pistol rack, and three bullet cases offer versatile organization for all your firearms and accessories. 
  • Boasts an advanced alarm system - enter an incorrect password five times in a row and a loud 30-second alarm will sound!
  • Five sturdy locking bolts ensure your home and family remain secure from curious kids and intruders. Enjoy easy access to your weapons while enjoying peace of mind with our reliable gun safe.



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Q235 Cold-Rolled Steel Sheet

Rifle Storage:

Pistol Placing Rack:


Rifle Placing Rack:

Mounting Hole:

Door Plate Thickness:

Wall Thickness:
Cabinet 0.04"

3-12 Digits

Bullet Storage Box:

Automatic Lock:

Working Power Supply:
4 PCS AA Batteries
1 x Large Heavy Duty 3 Rifles Gun Safe With Digital Keypad And Lock
2 x Key
1 x Instructional Manual

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