Portable Compact Seated Home Cable Rowing Exercise Machine, 265 LBS

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Are you ready to burn off those stubborn fat around your thighs and mid-section? With the help of our Heavy-Duty Rowing Machine and its unique active recoil system, you will be able to obtain a full body workout and achieve the body that you have always desired.



Unlike traditional rowers, our exclusive home rowing machine comes with a large water tank that enables you to adjust the difficulty. This seated rowing machine makes you feel like you're rowing an actual boat, but at the luxury of your home.


Included with the rowing exercise machine are ergonomic handles that give you a comfortable grip. Plus, the stamina rowing machine comes with strapped foot rests that keep your feet secure while you row.



Best of all, the foldable rowing machine can be positioned upright to save space for easier storage. Enjoy an outstanding workout experience by using our premium compact rowing machine.



Heavy-Duty: Made with a high-quality steel frame, the rowing machine is highly durable and can withstand years of use.  It has a weight capacity of 265 pounds, making it perfect for most adults to workout on.

Sturdy: Fitted with a strong base, the portable rowing machine sturdily stands on any flat surface. This ensures that you remain positioned upright while you do rigorous training on the indoor rower.

Adjustable: Adjust the intensity of the rower by filling up the water tank with water. Slowly increase the tension each week for continuous improvement and muscle toning.


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Material Heavy-Duty Metal
Max. Capacity 265 lbs
Size (70.8 x 20 x 18.1)" (L x W x H)
Water Tank Polycarbonate
Weight 66.1 lbs
Max.  Inseam 43.3"
Railing Steel pipe double rail slide rail
  • 1 x Metal Water Rowing Machine
  • 1 x User Manual

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