900ML/MIN Small Portable Breathing Inhalation Therapy Machine For Home (97318624)

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Experience the power of modern technology and convenience with the Premium Electric Hydrogen Inhalation Oxygen Water Machine. This electricity-powered machine is easy to maneuver- with built-in wheels, you can move it between the living room and bedroom with no hassle. Setting the mood just right is easy too - the control panel features an adjustable brightness setting with modes for day and night.

This machine’s luxurious design also brings utility to the table - its large display indicates status, settings, and alarms for convenient access. A smart timer has 10 setting options that range from 30 minutes to 8 hours; while advanced sensing technology detects and alarms for Low Water, Over Voltage, Over Heating, Machine Out of Balance, TDS Water Quality, Replacing Filter and Working Flow.

This Electric Hydrogen Inhalation Oxygen Water Machine also works as a universal hydrogen water generator, infusing hydrogen into all types of water, from RO water, and mineral water, to beverages and fruit juices. So don’t wait- upgrade to the most advanced and easy-to-use hydrogen inhalation machine, and experience the therapeutic benefits of hydrogen and oxygen inhalation like never before!


  • This powerful hydrogen machine is fitted with two separate HO channels, adjustable flow rate, 99.996% ultra-high purification, and unparalleled safety - perfect for any demanding environment!
  • This cutting-edge electrolysis technique makes for an impressive 10,000 hours of reliable service life!
  • N117 ion membrane by Dupont provides an ultra-high level of purity for the hydrogen produced by this product, ideal for healthy inhalation. Removing ozone and chlorine, it boasts high performance and maximum safety.



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450ML/MIN (300H+150O), 900ML/MIN (600H+300O)


30 minutes - 8 hours




1 Year Warranty, Free Parts Or Unit Replacement

1 x Premium Electric Hydrogen Inhalation Oxygen Water Machine
1 x Set Of Accessories (Humidified bottle kit x1, Nasal Cannula x1, Hydrogen-Rich Stick x1, Filter Stick x1, Power Cord x 1)
1 x User Manual

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