Premium Red Cedar 4-Person Barrel Sauna With Heater Guard And Towel Rack (97538641)

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Indulge in the ultimate retreat of relaxation with our exquisite Premium Red Cedar 4-Person Barrel Sauna - a sanctuary where comfort meets craftsmanship. This spacious haven is skillfully designed with a wide 1800mm diameter, inviting you to unwind in luxurious tranquility with up to three companions. As each panel is meticulously constructed from top-grade red cedar, this sauna ensures a long-lasting sanctuary for your wellness rituals, bringing the invigorating essence of the forest straight to you.

The natural attributes of red cedar not only promise enduring durability but also emit an aromatic profile, an integral part of the authentic sauna experience. Integrated seating within the elliptical chamber affirms ample space to recline in supreme comfort, while the thoughtful addition of a heater guard ensures your safety is never compromised. To streamline your sensory sojourn, it includes a suite of convenience features: a towel rack, a cup tray, a sturdy footplate, and a plush headrest, complementing the ergonomic design that caters to your every comfort.

With the quintessential sauna duo - a traditional bucket and scoop, and the tracking reliability of an hourglass sand timer - you can seamlessly orchestrate your thermal voyage. Meanwhile, the potent 6KW electric heater guarantees an ever-pleasing temperature, fostering the ideal atmosphere for perspiration and profound repose. This isn't just a sauna; it's a sanctuary where stress melts away, and every day culminates with a revitalizing ritual. Welcome to your new wellness companion - the Premium Red Cedar 4-Person Barrel Sauna.



  • Protect yourself and your loved ones with our sauna's heater guard, ensuring a safe and worry-free experience by preventing accidental contact with the heating element.
  • Experience ultimate comfort and relaxation during your sauna sessions with the built-in seats included in this premium red cedar barrel sauna.
  • Enhance your sauna experience with the included sand timer, guaranteeing you the perfect amount of time for ultimate relaxation and wellness.



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Material: Red Cedar
Power: 6 KW
Diameter: 70.9"
Net Weight: 350 Kg

1 x Premium Red Cedar 4-Person Barrel Sauna
1 x User Manual

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