SMC 600W High-Performance Dual Speed Underwater Scuba Diving Sea Scooter For Adults W/ Action Camera Mount (91253649)

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Take your underwater adventures to the next level with SMC High-Performance Dual Speed Underwater Scuba Diving Sea Scooter. This advanced and powerful scooter allows you to play more easily in water, with two speeds for easy maneuvering. Glide through the sea at up to 50 meters deep, saving time and energy as you marvel at all its fascinating beauty.

The SMC scooter features an intelligent safety battery and is waterproof and detachable for worry-free safe scootering. Its three connectors for GoPro Cameras allow for easier multi-angle shooting so you can capture all of your underwater memories. Ready to hit the paddle board? No need to paddle when you have this - its thruster feature means it can be tied off your board or boat, propelling it forward!

With SMC High-Performance Dual Speed Underwater Scuba Diving Sea Scooter, store up gradeable energy while enjoying 60 minutes of enjoyable underwater scootering time – don’t leave your explorations between land and sea surface incomplete! Get the best of both worlds today with SMC’s High-Performance dual-speed underwater scuba diving sea scooter.


  • Attached to a paddle board or tied underneath a boat, this scooter provides the perfect propulsion for an unforgettable aquatic journey!
  • Experience effortless transitions between low and high speeds with the single-button speed adjustment feature!
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Battery Structure:
Waterproof And Detachable Intelligent Safety Battery

Net Weight:
3.6KG (Including battery)

Low speed 1.2 m/s, high speed 1.8 m/s

Deep Diving:

Life Time:
100 Minutes At Low Speed, 30 Minutes At High Speed

385*360*1 82mm

Motor Power:

Battery Type:
155.4W/22.2V (High Density Lithium Battery)


Battery Life:
300 Full Charge And Discharge

Charging Time:
3 Hours

Plug-In Support:
Sports Camera / External Dual Handle /2-In-1 Mod
1 x SMC Underwater Sea Scooter
1 x Battery
1 x Charger & Charging Stand
1 x Handle
1 x Adjustable Release Towline

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