Grooming your pets can be a terrifying task, especially, when you don't have the skills required or the right tools in your toolbox. However, thanks to the many different gadgets that are currently on the market, effective grooming has been easier than ever before!

Fur Care

Let's start with your furry friend's fur. Studies have shown that an excessive amount of hair can be the number one cause of the flea infestation and the inhabitation of other harmful insects. When these infestations occur, your furry friends may begin to show signs of itchiness and begin scratching the affected areas. Therefore, it is important that you start treating those areas immediately to prevent any harm done to your little ones. For dealing with fleas, we recommend using devices such as the Flea Doctor. Such devices groom your pets while effectively killing off those blood-sucking insects.


Nail Trimming

Next, is it important to monitor and trim your buddies' nails on an ongoing basis to avoid toe and foot injuries. However, trimming your pets' nails can be extremely treacherous when not done properly. This is because trimming too short could lead to bleeding and, in turn, hurt your little ones. We, hence, suggest using grinders instead of cutters as they are more pet friendly and eliminate the risk that cutters may have.




Dental Care

Lastly, many dog and cat owners fail to check their pets' dental hygiene and ensure that their teeth remain nice and clean. Over time, stains and tartar slowly build up and could lead to periodontal disease. To prevent such illness from occurring, human toothbrushes may work for the cleaning but the bristles may be too stiff for your pets' gums and you may end up hurting them. On the contrary, pet-friendly toothbrushes are a better choice and are much safer.





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