Uninspired, bored, and finding yourself seeking answers to why life has been hard on you or just looking for inspiration? Believe me, we have all been there. That constant thought of inadequacy filling our thoughts before going to sleep, the amount of anxiety on whether the future is bright or bleak that nags us when creating a decision, and the unending struggle in finding our life’s purpose is a seemingly endless maze. Today, let us help you get out of the maze and start building the life that you have always wanted.

This article will discuss ideas that can help you create a life story that you have always dreamed of. So, look no further, and take the first step in creating the life you want through these carefully selected ideas that you can try:

  • Set up to Step-up
  • Paint your Future
  • Fail, Falter, Flourish


Setting up is one of the first steps toward the life you have always imagined. It involves careful planning and considering all the possible consequences of the decisions you will make.

In mapping out the steps that you will take, it is important to pause, reflect, and evaluate your values, priorities, and intentions to have a clear vision of how you intend to live. Here are some ideas to help you in planning to step up your life:

A. Ask Yourself

Before planning anything, take out a clean slate of paper and ask yourself. ‘How do I like where I am now?’ Your answer will allow you to come up with follow-up questions that will guide you in assessing the specific steps that you are going to take.

B. Weigh Your Options

In answering questions, there are choices that we make, and subconsciously, we are choosing what we think will help us achieve our goals.

But it comes to a point where choosing between a yes or a no becomes so challenging and entails a lot of thought. If this happens to you, consider the benefits and risks, the advantages and disadvantages, or the cost and return that you might get. It also allows you to narrow down your choices and the things that you are willing to sacrifice.


By painting your future, you are visualizing how you want to live your life. There are many ways to do this and we’ll list down the most effective ways to create a clear picture of the future you have imagined:

A. Know Your Goals

Knowing your goals allows you to plot the actions that you will take in order to achieve these goals. Goals may be short-term, medium-term, or long-term.
What do you want to achieve within months, a year, or ten years? Keeping a new morning habit? Learning a new skill? Increasing your productivity? List down all your goals and when you want each of these achieved.
By breaking down the goals on how long you intend to reach them, you will not be overwhelmed and pressured to accomplish them all at once.
Remember to figure out exactly what you want and imagine that you have already achieved that goal in the future. This is a kind of mental practice that can get you closer to where you want your life to be.

B. Have A Dream Board

A dream board contains images of the things that you wish to achieve for a period of time. It can be your dream board for this year, the next five or ten years. Wanting to have a new car? Get a picture of your dream car and post it on the board. Each time you see the board, it is a constant reminder to keep going until you have reached one of the goals that you have set for yourself.

CTrack Down Your Progress

How have you been doing in achieving the goals that you have set? Tracking down your progress allows you to see your improvement over time. Whether it’s 10% or 90%, it is still progress. Remember, you started at 0, it does not matter if it takes you a little longer to get over 10, what matters is that you have bravely taken the first steps in getting that goal.


Recognizing failure as an integral part of success is truly a tricky situation. Some people would say that only mediocre people would admit that they have failed. But let us admit that failures happen, and are inevitable, and so is flourishing. Failure allows us to falter, hit rock bottom, and start again. It provides a fresh start, renewed hope, and learned lessons that we can use to go after our dreams once more. Here are some ideas on how to bounce back and try again after failing.

A. Acknowledge The Failure

Admitting that you have made a mistake is the first step towards recovering from a bad decision. Sometimes, it gets so hard to admit to ourselves that we have made a wrong move, but it is bolder and braver to accept that we lost, and can do better next time. It also helps that there are people who support you whether you make it or not. Treasure them.

B. Make The Next Big Move

Dwelling on the decisions that did not produce our desired outcome is totally fine, but knowing when to get back up again is better. Picking up the lessons from failure allows you to make better decisions and recalibrates your vision toward the life you really want. Through this, you can avoid making the same mistakes again, and hopefully, encourages you to try again to get the same goal, but with a stronger, wiser, and better version of you.


Making changes may be overwhelming, and so is staying in the same position. Cliche as it may sound, but great things truly never came out of your comfort zones, and if you are dreaming of living the life that you want, it is never too late to start.

So go ahead, close your eyes, visualize how you’d want yourself to be five years from now, and start moving. Today is a great start for breakthroughs!


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