For any people that considers themselve overweight, there is only one purpose to lose weight, which is to have a healthy and beautiful body.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, gain muscle or even strengthen physical strength, you will face many challenges when you take the first step. Beginners are most likely to be confused by a wealth of information, are also most likely to be discouraged, and are more likely to give up.

To avoid these situations, some psychological building is required. These five key points are reminders and initiatives, and even today I often use them as reminders.

If you are just beginning to exercise, remember:

  • Fitness is not an easy task
  • The fitness method of your “Idol” may not be suitable for you
  • Patience is very important
  • Don’t be too particular about the details, it is asking for trouble
  • Sweating does not equal “result”

Only by acting can it be possible! We think of many things, and if we don’t do them, then nothing will happen. If you choose to exercise and then strictly implement it, then you will be at least half successful. Leave the time to prove it.

The time of a lifetime is short. If you find a hobby that you like, or an interest that you are good at, then go ahead and do it. Remember to stick with it, no matter what, it will bring a different surprise to your life.

People who exercise in a short period of time seem to be indistinguishable from those who do not exercise, but after a long period of time, there will be amazing changes. We will find that they become young, full of passion, positive and positive energy, always disciplined and persistent , Love life, life seems to be hung up, never going forward.

What happens if you keep running?

No matter what you look like, after running for a long time, you can meet your new self.

The longer you run, the more you realize that you have more potential. After experiencing the pain of being breathless again and again, the new situation and space will suddenly be cheerful at a certain moment. After running for a long time, you will become more and more diligent, more and more self-control, better body, and most importantly, experience the process of surpassing yourself again and again.

Running and non-running people have little relationship in one day, a big relationship in one week, and a big relationship in two months. After 10 years, it is said that there is a gap between one kind of life and another kind of life.


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