Cultivating an attitude for gratitude especially in these times is one of the many things that the global pandemic has taught us. Gratitude is the feeling or state of being thankful for something. It is a positive emotion that can be expressed in many ways, such as through words, gestures, or actions. Practicing gratitude has been shown to have many benefits for mental and physical well-being, such as improved mood, increased resilience, and reduced stress.

Practicing gratitude gives us a sense of appreciation for the things that we often take for granted in life in our quest for happiness and contentment. Do you want to start this positive practice, but is lost on how to start? Don’t worry because we will guide you through your gratitude journey.

It is always a great start to pause and reflect on the little things that you have right now. Waking up from a good and uninterrupted sleep, the smell of fresh crisp morning air, or simply being able to get up in bed without pain. Your reasons for being thankful may be different, but you are off to a good start if today you feel thankful for something. Read on to know more about some of the little or deep things to be thankful for in life.


You are precious and you have a purpose. Sometimes we get too troubled on how insignificant we thing our lives are that we forget that life in itself is a gift to be thankful for. Celebrate you - including your flaws, your past, and all that you are


Your family and real friends are the anchor that holds and keeps you even during the toughest storms. Having people whom you can rely on during difficult times is a great blessing that not everyone can have.


It may be simple or extravagant, old or new, aesthetic or not, going to sleep with a roof above your head is one of the things that you should be thankful. Many victims of unrest, war, earthquake, fire, or typhoons have to endure cold nights after losing their homes.


Good does not need to be expensive. Good food may be something that brings you comfort and relaxation, or picks up your mood when you are down. It may be your favorite strawberry ice cream, your mom’s soup, or the local hand-tossed pizza that you grew up with. As long as it gives you warmth after a long day, any food can be good food.


Needed something repaired, but stuck at work? The repairman is just a click away. Missing home on a random day at work? Mom is just a FaceTime away. Convenience has been a vital part of today’s lives. Sometimes, we even indulge on it too much, that it begins to replace real-life conversations and interactions.


After the global pandemic claimed many lives, and you remained unscathed, that is a gift. Being healthy and being able to maximize your body without it failing us is such a huge thing to be thankful for. If your health allows you to walk, run, play, dance, sing, and do everything you love without gasping for air, catching your breath, or crying in pain, consider yourself blessed.


When was the last time you burst out laughing? Whether it’s at work, at home, or with friends? A good laugh brings a spark of joy. Whether it is tears of joy, or of sadness. Being in tears makes you realize the value of keeping your emotions in check. Laughter and tears allows you to become more conscious of your feelings, and being able to feel joy, pain, disappointment, or contentment, and express itl is one thing that not all people are good at, be thankful that you can do so without fear or anxiety.


If you were given a choice to travel abroad or do a cross-country adventure, you are lucky. Most people do not have the choice and the chance to do either of the two. Being able to pursue what you want, and choose the ‘best’ path for you is already a luxury for some.


Our every day hustle is a routine that gets tiresome at times that we want to just quit or take a break. Finding the little things that fill our days like finding an empty parking space at the usually busy street where you park, a sweet smile from a random child at the convenience store, a newly-cleaned work station, or the refreshing new scent in your favorite store, gives us a sense of excitement and appreciate these things that do not often happen.


Society’s expectations may be overwhelming, and sometimes, it takes more than what you are and what you can to accomplish what needs to be done. This often leads to having a poor self-concept, the belief that people need to do certain things before they can be worthy of praise, acknowldgement or understanding.

Being with people who accept you as you are, and understands your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes, your priorities and goals, and your abilities and flaws, is something to be thankful for. People who listen and understand you without passing judgement is very scarce these days. Treasure them, and be grateful for knowing one.


There are an abundance of things that we can be thankful for, depending on the perspective that we are looking, for some it is having a good health, supportive friends and family, a stable job or source of income, a safe and comfortable home, access to education and opportunities, and the ability to pursue one's passions and interests. For others, it is the small pleasures in life, such as a beautiful sunset, a delicious meal, a movie night, or a good book.

In the end, we may differ on how we value our lives and everything that comes with it, but one thing is for sure, when we learn to appreciate what we have, we realize that happiness is not too hard to find, after all.


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