At the core of every relationship is a friendship and every relationship deserves a second chance. And if you really love and care about someone, there are always ways to make things work. It might be a scary thought, initially, after feeling hurt or betrayed, but here are a few tips that you could follow that will, hopefully, help lead you down the right path.


Forgiving someone maybe, by far, one of the hardest thing to do. This is, especially, true when you may not be the party at fault. However, when you learn to let go and forgive, something miraculously happens! You will begin to feel a sense of peace after letting go of the burden. Like the saying by Gena Showalter goes, "Hate is like drinking a vial of poison and expecting it to harm the other person, You're not hurting the guy, only yourself."


Believe it or not, the most effective way to get in contact with someone is through verbal communication and not text. If you could meet in person with that person, that would be even better. Meaningful interactions with each other will bring you closer together. Conversation and emotional connection is what is really permanent and solid. Ask questions and show the person you’re really caring for them and what’s going on in their lives. When you ask them questions, you understand more about them and make them open up to you in a more positive way.


Trust is the key to reconnecting to those you love and care. Trust may be frightening, but it’s a risk you’ll take when you really love and care for others. Trust starts with you and has deep faith in you. If you can’t trust a person at the beginning of a relationship, how long do you think that relationship would last? Confidence is the greatest gift that a person can offer. It’s a building block that strengthens friendships and builds the foundation for years to come. Don’t be afraid to put your heart out there if you want to rebuild things. If you really love this person, it will be worth it in the end.


As with many things in life, broken relationships take time to heal so take baby steps and do not rush the process. Understand that things may not necessary go back to where it was before, but have faith that with love, anything is possible. You could begin by calling up that person and slowly rebuild that relationship. If it doesn't work out the first time, remember to not give up but continue trying!


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