Skateboarding has become one of the most popular means of transportation for kids and adults across the globe. Whether you are a student seeking a product to go around, an adult ready to embrace your inner child, or a skateboarding enthusiast, skateboards can entertain you in all the ways you want. Getting around in a city full of traffic can be trickier than you think. So, you should choose a perfect fit for yourself before hopping on a board and taking off.



Our High Performance Electric Longboard is perfect for both beginner and expert skaters. The motorized skateboard comes equipped with a heavy duty motor that propels you to speeds that traditional skateboards can't achieve, making it fast, fun and exciting to ride on.



MAXFIND FF Street 36V/6.4Ah Electric Skateboard & Surfboard, 38" - This electric skateboard is equipped with off-road wheels to increase ground clearance and traction, and its sturdy longboard provides you with remarkable support throughout the day. Included with the off road motorized longboard is a handy remote control that allows you to comfortably maneuver forward or backward without a hassle. This electric skateboard with a remote also lets you have full control of whether you want to speed up or slow down, to safely move around the streets.



MAXFIND Max4 Pro 36V/4.4Ah 750W Electric Motorized Longboard Skateboard, 38" Bravely skate through wide roads and pavements with ease by riding on the Maxfind Max4 Pro electric skateboard. Equipped with smooth gliding wheels and a sturdy board, the electric longboard provides you with much-needed support throughout the day. Unlike traditional skateboards, this all terrain motorized skateboard for adults comes with a high speed motor that keeps you moving up to 25 miles per hour. This way, you won't have to exert much effort and time walking rough roads or hills using this skateboard with remote control.


Skateboarding provides a portal to self-expression through movement that isn’t about anything more than man’s connection to their tools. There are no weight classes, gender divisions, or rules. There is only one guiding principle – ride like your life depends on it.


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