Electric skateboards have transformed urban mobility by offering an innovative and fun alternative to traditional transportation methods. With a motorized skateboard, commuting through city streets or cruising along boardwalks has become not only efficient but also thrilling. Among the various brands that have emerged in this growing market, Exway skateboards have carved out a reputation for their performance, quality, and sleek designs.

Exway skateboards cater to a range of riders, from beginners to professionals. Their boards typically feature top-tier components, including high-performance motors, long-lasting batteries, and durable decks that can withstand the rigors of daily travel. Riding experience gets an extra boost from the board's responsive controls and smooth acceleration, elevating Exway to the top tiers of electric skateboard options.

One of the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing an electric skateboard is the board's range and battery life, which determine how far one can travel on a single charge. Additionally, riders should pay attention to the skateboard's weight and portability, especially if it will be carried often, as well as its speed, which must align with the rider's skill level for safety purposes. Waterproofing and warranty are other critical points, ensuring the board's longevity and buyer protection.

Armed with the right information, selecting a top-grade electric skateboard that meets personal preferences and travel needs becomes a more straightforward process. Now, a closer examination of Exway's offerings will reveal which models stand out as the best in their class, helping to narrow down the ideal choice for an electrifying ride.

Top Exway Skateboards

We've tested a variety of Exway skateboards and curated a list that showcases the best options for various skaters. Our selection is based on performance, durability, and technological features that enhance the riding experience. Whether you're a beginner seeking a reliable board, or an experienced rider looking for advanced capabilities, our roundup has you covered. Stay tuned for our detailed analysis and find the perfect Exway skateboard that meets your needs and expectations.

1. EXWAY ATLAS CARBON 2WD All-Terrain Off-Road Electric Motorized Skateboard

Exway Atlas Carbon

If you're seeking adrenaline on all terrains, the Exway Atlas Carbon 2WD is your electrifying companion, designed to conquer various ground conditions with power and precision.


  • Master of versatility with its all-terrain capabilities
  • Durable carbon fiber unibody construction withstands rough treatment
  • Customizable components for a tailored riding experience


  • Limited range compared to some competitors
  • A learning curve for beginners due to its powerful performance
  • Higher price point may be a barrier for some

Riding the Exway Atlas Carbon 2WD gives us an exhilarating sense of freedom. Its robust all-terrain pneumatic tires grip the path ahead, regardless of damp conditions or light trails. Picking up speed, we feel the stability offered by its ultra-stable DKP trucks, instilling confidence as we maneuver through urban landscapes or countryside.

We've experienced first-hand the convenience of its modularity; being able to modify components is like having several skateboards in one. Whether it's adjusting the powertrain or swapping batteries, the Atlas empowers us to fine-tune our ride to the day's demands.

Despite its rugged exterior, we must concede that the 19-mile range on a single charge occasionally leaves us wanting more. This is mitigated somewhat by the sheer joy of cruising at 30 mph, but it's an important consideration for those planning longer journeys. And while its performance is thrilling, it's worth noting for new riders that they may face a steep learning curve.

Feature Exway Atlas Carbon 2WD
Top Speed 30 MPH
Range 19 miles
Load Capacity 780 lbs
Waterproof Rating IP55
Deck Material Carbon Fiber
Wheel Type All-Terrain Pneumatic
Customizability High
Initial Impression Confident, Stable Ride

In summary, the Exway Atlas Carbon 2WD is a high-performance beast that revels in its ability to tackle various terrains with agility and power. It's an investment worthy of serious riders who crave customization and are not deterred by the premium cost or the more advanced handling requirements.


2. EXWAY ATLAS CARBON 4WD All-Terrain Off-Road Electric Motorized Skateboard

EXWAY ATLAS CARBON 4WD All-Terrain Off-Road Electric Motorized Skateboard

If you're after a versatile, high-powered ride, the Exway Atlas Pro is a solid pick with its performance and adaptability.


  • Exceptional all-terrain capability
  • Customizable power and performance
  • Robust carbon fiber construction


  • Premium price point
  • Moderate learning curve for beginners
  • Limited six-month warranty

After putting the Exway Atlas Pro through its paces, we're impressed by its forceful dual motors and top notch build quality. Gliding over rough paths felt effortlessly smooth, thanks to its large, rugged wheels and carbon fiber deck that adds a layer of sophistication and durability. Despite its robustness, the board is astonishing in its ability to navigate turns and obstacles with agility, responding admirably whether we're cruising down a pavement or adventuring off the beaten track.

We dove into customization options and were pleased with the straightforward process of adjusting the power settings to suit our ride style. It's clear that the Exway Atlas Pro is constructed with the rider in mind, offering various adjustments that will satisfy both casual cruisers and speed enthusiasts alike. The board's power is more than sufficient for steep inclines—a testament to its impressive motor output and regenerative braking system, which adds to its efficiency and safety.

However, while the Exway Atlas Pro's performance is top-tier, we do acknowledge its price might be a bit steep for those new to electric skateboarding. Additionally, its comprehensive features may require a slight learning curve for newcomers. Another point to consider is the six-month warranty; while customer support is responsive and helpful, a longer coverage period would provide extra peace of mind for such a significant investment.

Feature Observations
Performance Capable of handling multiple terrains with ease.
Customization Easily tweakable for personal ride preferences.
Design The sleek carbon fiber construction is both elegant and tough.

In summary, the Exway Atlas Pro stands out as a compelling option for those who seek performance, customization, and ruggedness in an electric skateboard. It's a testament to engineering that doesn't hold back, delivering high speeds and remarkable adaptability that allows riders to push boundaries and explore new terrains. Despite a couple of downsides, we believe the pros far outweigh the cons, making it a worthy consideration for your next electric skateboard.


3. EXWAY WAVE 180WH High-Performance Motorized Hub Motor Travel Skateboard With Add-On 99Wh Battery

EXWAY WAVE 180WH High-Performance Motorized Hub Motor Travel Skateboard With Add-On 99Wh Battery

We think the EXWAY Wave is a solid choice for anyone looking for a compact yet high-performance electric skateboard.


  • Intuitive flexibility and portability for everyday use
  • Easily swappable battery that doubles as a power bank
  • Built-in lights and integrated ESC for convenience


  • Some might find the range insufficient for long commutes
  • Premium features come at a potentially steep price point
  • May require familiarization for those new to electric skateboards

Riding through the city streets on the EXWAY Wave Riot reminds us how exhilarating personal electric transport can be. Its nimble handling and compact size make it an excellent companion for quick errands or weaving through crowded places. The board's portability is a highlight; it slides easily under a table or can be carried alongside in a cafe without being intrusive.

Despite some light rain, we found that the IP55 waterproof rating holds up well, making it suitable for those slightly wetter commutes. Additionally, the kicktail design gives it that traditional skateboard feel, adding to its maneuverability, while the layers of fiberglass and maple offer durability for everyday bumps and knocks.

Even during evening rides, the integrated lighting system meant we were visible and could navigate with ease without the need to attach external lights. The quick-swap battery system was a breeze to use, and the added functionality of charging our devices on the go came in handy more than once.

Highlights Summary
Flexibility Fits easily under seats; kicktail design enhances agility
Battery Quick-swap feature plus it functions as a mobile charger
Lighting System Hassle-free, integrated front and rear lights, easily operated by the remote control

We found the board's acceleration curve to be smooth, and the top speed of 23 mph is thrilling, yet feels secure due to the sturdy design. Those accustomed to traditional skateboarding might need a short period of adjustment to get used to the power and speed control, but it soon becomes second nature.

In short, our time with the EXWAY Wave Riot was exciting. It checks the boxes for convenience, performance, and style. Do bear in mind that while it's well-suited for daily use, those needing to travel longer distances might want to consider the battery life. Nevertheless, it's a board that carries a lot of positives for urban commuting and short trips.


4. EXWAY ATLAS PRO 2WD High-Performance All-Terrain Off Road Eletric Skateboard With Gear Drivetrain

Exway Atlas Pro All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

After zipping around town and tackling varied terrains, we've found the Exway Atlas Pro 2WD to be a blend of thrilling power and user-focused design.


  • Unmatched all-terrain performance that feels exhilarating on city streets and off-road paths alike.
  • Constructed from high-quality materials for durability combined with a reassuringly safe riding experience.
  • The IP55 water resistance rating ensures year-round usability regardless of the weather.


  • The initial investment might be steep for casual riders.
  • For those unaccustomed to such power, the board's torque can be overwhelming at first.
  • A 6-month warranty could be longer given the premium nature of the board.

With the Exway Atlas Pro 2WD under our feet, the city became our playground, and the rugged landscapes out of town became reachable territories. It's clear from the first ride that this electric skateboard doesn't just promise all-terrain capability—it delivers.

The board's acceleration is both smooth and forceful, propelling us forward with an urgency that's addictive. Gliding over bumps and down the streets, we felt the reliability of its strong carbon fiber deck and the advanced traction of its wheels, especially made for diverse surfaces.

During our rides, the seamless control over rough patches and twisty turns made it evident that the Exway Atlas Pro 2WD responds to a skater's every command. It turned our daily commutes into exhilarating experiences and made us look forward to weekend adventures on more challenging terrain. Although the price point is on the higher end, we believe the value justifies the cost for avid skaters seeking a top-tier electric board.


5. EXWAY ATLAS PRO 4WD High-Performance All-Terrain Off Road Eletric Skateboard With Gear Drivetrain

Exway Atlas Pro

After a thrilling day of testing, we believe the Exway Atlas Pro is an exceptional choice for anyone seeking a high-performance all-terrain electric skateboard.


  • Impressive top speed and powerful motors handle various terrains with ease.
  • Durable carbon fiber unibody construction lends to a sleek, modern design.
  • User-replaceable battery and customizable components provide a tailored ride.


  • Higher price point could be a barrier for budget-conscious riders.
  • Limited warranty period of 6 months may leave some users wanting more coverage.
  • It's a bit on the heavier side, which could affect portability for some users.

I've cruised on the Exway Atlas Pro along city streets, and I'm impressed by its robust construction and powerful, smooth ride. The speed is exhilarating, hitting those high numbers effortlessly even on uneven surfaces. The ride comfort is unparalleled thanks to the shock-absorbing grip tape and the all-terrain pneumatic tires that tackle obstacles without a hitch.

While out on the board, we noticed superb stability from the RKP trucks. Its turning precision and response times are on a pro level, enhancing safety during high-speed rides. When coming to a stop, the regenerative brakes kick in offering a sense of security and contributing to the overall efficiency.

We've also appreciated the board's water-resistant design, which means that unexpected puddles didn't slow us down. The sleek look of the carbon fiber deck grabbed attention, with onlookers curious about the board's capabilities.

The customization potential of the Exway Atlas Pro intrigued us as we realized there's a lot we can still explore with this board. Even though it hit the scales heavier than expected, it's a small compromise for the power and range it offers. In our view, the Exway Atlas Pro is ideal for those who crave adventure and are looking for a premium electric skateboard experience.


Buying Guide

When we consider purchasing a skateboard, several key features and aspects are paramount to finding the best product for our needs.

Deck Material & Size

We must assess the deck material and size because they determine the skateboard's durability and suitability for different styles of riding.

Feature Importance
Deck Material Essential for durability and performance. Often made from maple or bamboo.
Deck Size Critical for stability and comfort. Width typically ranges from 7.5 to 8.25 inches.

Wheel Specifications

The skateboard's wheels significantly impact its speed and how it handles different terrains.

Specification Impact
Diameter Larger wheels roll faster, smaller are more maneuverable. Typically measured in millimeters.
Durometer Indicates wheel hardness. Higher numbers mean harder wheels, affecting grip and ride smoothness.

Trucks & Bushings

Trucks and bushings are crucial for steering and turning, and their compatibility with the deck aids in ensuring a smooth ride.

Component Function
Trucks Connects the wheels to the deck. Width should match the deck for optimal performance.
Bushings Affects turning radius and stability. Softer bushings are more turnable, while harder ones offer more stability.


Good bearings directly relate to the roll speed and longevity of the wheels, so we need to consider their ABEC rating, where a higher number indicates a more precise bearing.

Additional Features

We should consider various additional features like grip tape quality and concave shape as they affect traction and board control.

By focusing on these aspects, we can ensure that we select the best skateboard tailored to our personal preferences and riding style.

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