Heavy Duty Commercial 3 Flavor Countertop Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker Machine, 2350W (91803572)

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Be it for your commercial business or home setup, our Heavy Duty Commercial 3 Flavor Countertop Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker Machine is undoubtedly the perfect choice! Unrivaled in performance, it can produce 22-30 liters or 5.8-7.9 gallons of soft-serve ice cream in varying flavors every hour. This gives you the capacity to serve up to 150-200 servings of 100-gram servings in no time. From bustling ice cream parlors to busy dessert bars and cafes, no task is too big for this exceptional machine. Get ready to experience the best in ice cream making!


Our machine comes with dual 6L (1.6 gal) mixing hoppers and 2L (0.5 gal) freezing cylinders, enabling you to provide your patrons with a delicious selection of two single flavors, and an exciting combination of flavors. The possibilities are mouthwatering, guaranteed to bring your customers back for more! Our powerful 2350W total power ensures you can deliver that delicious delight time after time. Equipped with a renowned 1050W compressor, this ice cream maker works with impressive efficiency and operates quietly.


Our Heavy Duty Commercial Ice Cream Machine is the perfect tool for those looking for a reliable and robust appliance that provides endless delight. Packed with features to extend the longevity of your ingredients and ensure a steady supply, the KEEP-FRESH function keeps the mixing hopper at a lower temperature, and a shortage alert reminds you to keep it stocked. Enjoy maximum freshness and taste in your desserts, all while inspiring your customers with divine treats. With this remarkable ice cream maker, your dessert menu is sure to reach new heights of excellence.


  • Now you can make the perfect ice cream every time with our intelligent digital display. You're in control - adjust the texture to firm or creamy depending on your preference. The luscious fresh-keeping function makes it easy to store ingredients for tomorrow's treat - just a single click for a stress-free clean-up.
  • No more wasting time waiting for frozen cylinders to thaw! Our ice cream maker features a one-button thawing function, unlocking delicious frozen treats in record time. With just a single press of a button, you can enjoy your frozen cylinder in an instant.



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Ice Cream Output:
5.8-7.9 Gal (22-30L)/HR


Cylinder Capacity:
2L (0.5 Gal)

Product Weight:
202.8 lbs / 92 kg


R410a & R134a

Hopper Capacity:
6L x 2 (1.6 Gal x 2)

110V / 60 Hz

Product Dimensions:
(29.3*21.3*34.0)" (W*D*H)
1 x Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine
1 x Cone Holder
1 x Set of Accessories
1 x User Manual

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