[06x12FT] Heavy Duty Outdoor Aluminum Polycarbonate Walk-In Greenhouse With Lockable Hinged Door (91384257)

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Are you looking for the perfect way to upgrade your outdoor living space? Look no further than the 6x12FT Heavy Duty Outdoor Aluminum Polycarbonate Walk-In Greenhouse with Lockable Hinged Door. It's designed for maximum performance, so you can enjoy having a productive garden all year round! This superior-quality greenhouse is made of heavy-duty aluminum and shatterproof polycarbonate panels that combine to create an efficient space for growing plants and vegetables. The crystal clear walls allow for plenty of light while preventing plant sunburn, giving you full control over the environment inside your greenhouse.

With two integrated window vents that offer additional ventilation as well as a robust locking system that ensures the safety of your crops, this wonderful structure will provide you with all the comforts that make gardening fun and rewarding. The built-in gutter system on each side also makes it simple to keep your plants hydrated without worrying about excessive water in one area. And we haven't even mentioned the convenience factor yet: with its easy-to-follow instructions and tools included, 3 competent DIY enthusiasts can assemble this greenhouse in just 6 hours! Get ready to relish in the joys of gardening today!


  • Twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels deliver optimal light exposure while safeguarding against plant sunburn, all in crystal-clear, shatterproof clarity!
  • Experience the power of heavy-duty, rust-resistant aluminum framing and PC panels in the Walk-In Greenhouse.
  • Enjoy unbeatable stability with the Galvanized Steel base that boasts pre-drilled holes.
  • Ready to tackle high winds of up to 56 mph and handle up to 15.4 psf of snow loading!
  • This walk-in greenhouse offers enhanced water drainage and collection on each side. Connect a hose to bring in the rain to enrich your plants in the hot house!



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Aluminum, Polycarbonate Sheets

Overall Dimensions:

Translucent Sheets, Silver Frame

Snow Load Capacity:
15.4 PSF

Wind Speed Limit:
56 MPH

Polycarbonate Sheet Thickness:
4 mm
1 x 12x6x7FT Outdoor Polycarbonate Patio Greenhouse
1 x Accessories
1 x Instructional Manual

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