[08x12FT] Heavy Duty Large Premium Aluminum Outdoor Polycarbonate Walk-In Greenhouse W/ Sliding Doors (91842753)

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Are you looking for a spacious, long-lasting solution for growing your favorite plants and vegetables outside? Look no further than this Heavy Duty Outdoor Polycarbonate Walk-In Greenhouse. This greenhouse is crafted from heavy-duty aluminum to ensure exceptional strength and durability, so you can rest assured that your plants will be safe from inclement weather. Plus, it’s designed with 4mm thick high-quality polycarbonate panels for excellent light transmission and impact resistance.


The greenhouse is fully equipped with multifunctional features to create the perfect growing environment. It includes two double sliding doors, providing convenient access and easy movement in and out of the greenhouse. Also included are two adjustable vent windows that can be adjusted to five different angles, allowing you to control the airflow.


For gardeners and farmers looking for a long-lasting, sturdy greenhouse, the Heavy Duty Large Aluminum Outdoor Polycarbonate Walk-In Greenhouse with Sliding Doors is the perfect choice. Featuring superior stability, light transmission, and air circulation, it’s designed to protect and nurture your plants and extend the growing season. So don’t wait any longer, purchase this greenhouse and give your plants the best care possible.


  • Double sliding doors grant easy and effortless entry into the greenhouse, making it simple to move around within it.
  • Enjoy the convenience of multiple adjustable vents for optimal air circulation, and let your plants revel in the continuous flow of fresh air.
  • Enjoy desirable growing conditions with two vent windows, featuring five adjustable angles to customize and optimize your air flow.
  • This sturdy greenhouse boasts an imposing aluminum frame, providing unparalleled strength and reliability in any climate!



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Aluminum, Polycarbonate Sheets

Overall Dimensions:

Translucent Sheets, Black Frame

Snow Load Capacity:
18 PSF

Wind Speed Limit:
22 MPH

Polycarbonate Sheet Thickness:
4 mm
1 x 12x8x8FT Outdoor Polycarbonate Patio Greenhouse
1 x Accessories
1 x Instructional Manual

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