[10x12FT] Premium T-Shaped Cathedral Outdoor Walk-In Greenhouse And Solarium (91364285)

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Elevate your gardening and outdoor leisure to a new level of sophistication and comfort with the PLM Premium T-Shaped Cathedral Outdoor Walk-In Greenhouse. This elegantly designed greenhouse combines the beauty of outdoor living with the passion for gardening in a unique, cathedral-like space that invites nature right into your backyard.

Designed with the discerning gardener in mind, the PLM Premium T-Shaped Cathedral Outdoor Walk-In Greenhouse is not just a structure for plant cultivation; it's a lifestyle choice. It offers an inviting escape to nurture your plants, engage in creative gardening projects, or simply unwind in the beauty of your outdoor sanctuary.

Whether you're a seasoned gardener or new to the greenhouse hobby, this premium greenhouse empowers you to elevate your gardening potential, extend your growing season, and enjoy your passion for gardening in unparalleled style and comfort. It's more than a greenhouse—it's a garden retreat that celebrates the joy of gardening in every detail.


  • Equipped with two types of UV-protected and ultra-safe polycarbonate roof and wall panels. These specially designed panels ensure that your plants receive ample sunlight without the harmful effects of direct exposure, promoting vigorous growth and bloom.
  • The extra-wide lockable double doors provide easy access for you and your gardening tools, while the high eaves offer additional headroom and working space, making your gardening activities more comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Included with the greenhouse is an auto vent kit that automatically opens and closes roof vents depending on the temperature inside the greenhouse. This feature ensures your plants remain in an ideal growing environment at all times, without the need for manual adjustment.



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Dimensions (L*W*H):

Water Resistance:

Aluminum, Polycarbonate

Assembly Required:

UV Protection:

Net Weight (LBS):
(1) 10x12FT PLM Premium T-Shaped Cathedral Outdoor Walk-In Greenhouse And Solarium, (1) Set of Accessories, (1) User Manual

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