Premium Tall Corner Wine Bar Storage Cabinet W/ Bar Door And LED Lights, 72" (97316452)

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Are you tired of the clutter and disarray that comes with storing your wine collection? Look no further than this revolutionary Premium Tall Corner Wine Bar Storage Cabinet! This magnificent piece of furniture not only provides ample storage space for your favorite wines, but also serves as a versatile cabinet that can transform any corner of your home into a sophisticated wine bar.

Say goodbye to the days of rummaging through drawers and cabinets to find your desired bottle. With this Premium Tall Corner Wine Bar Storage Cabinet, you'll have enough room to store your entire collection without compromising on style or functionality. The spacious shelves and compartments ensure that each bottle has its designated spot, giving you the peace of mind that comes with a well-organized wine storage solution.

So why settle for a generic storage solution when you can have a luxurious and functional piece of furniture that will enhance your home decor? With its ample storage space, versatile design, and unbeatable durability, this Premium Tall Corner Wine Bar Storage Cabinet is the ultimate choice for wine enthusiasts and home decorators alike. Ready to transform your corner into a luxurious wine bar? Don't wait any longer.


  • Features 5 tall wooden support legs of thickened 3.3" ensuring outstanding stability and support. For added safety, the cabinet includes top 2 wall anchors that act as safety locks, preventing accidental tipping and keeping your cabinet secure at all times.
  • Is designed with 90-degree right angles perfect for various corner spaces. Compared to ordinary corner cabinets (Right-angle triangular design cabinet) a polygonal edge expands the storage space of the cabinet, providing ample and practical corner storage solutions.



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Door Style: Barn Door, Barn Door
Net Weight: 50 LBS
Weight Capacity: 50 LBS
Material: MDF, Metal
Dimensions: (23.6*31.5*72.0)" (D*W*H)
Material: Engineered Wood
Number of Shelves: 8
Installation Type: Freestanding
1 x Tall Corner Wine Bar Storage Cabinet
1 x User Manual

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