Heavy Duty Air-Cooled Industrial Water Chiller With Smart LCD Display (SAK98795)

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Introducing the Pinnacle of Precision Cooling Solutions: The Heavy Duty Air-Cooled Industrial Water Chiller With Smart LCD Display. Engineered to perfection, this cutting-edge chiller is tailored specifically for those who demand relentless efficiency and unmatched reliability in industrial cooling applications.

Your operation deserves the unparalleled reliability and performance of the Heavy Duty Air-Cooled Industrial Water Chiller With Smart LCD Display. Make the smart choice to safeguard and enhance your industrial processes. Empower your business with a cooling solution that stands the test of time and dynamic industrial demands.


  • Equipped with a formidable 5 HP and a generous 70L Stainless Steel Water Tank, this chiller goes beyond mere cooling. It's an indoor powerhouse designed to maintain optimal temperature control in environments ranging from 5℃ to 45℃.
  • Control has never been more intuitive with our Multi-functional Micro-computer Control and Smart LCD Display. Tailor the temperature settings within a 5℃-45℃ range effortlessly and stay informed with the alarm prompt function for any irregularities, ensuring you're always in command.
  • Designed with ease in mind, our chiller promotes simplicity in its installation and operation. Following the provided installation diagram, connect the necessary water pipes, distinguishing between chilled and cooling water—experience a plug-and-play setup that mitigates downtime.



Domestic USA Shipping: Your Heavy Duty Air-Cooled Industrial Water Chiller will be packed and shipped within 1-3 business days and delivered to you between 5-10 business days.
Cooling Capacity: 15KW/12855Kcal/h, 18KW/15426Kcal/h, 45KW/38565Kcal/h (5T,6T,15T)
Overall Dimension: (66.1*32.7*65.7)"
Tank Capacity: 70L, 70L, 200L (5T,6T,15T)
Power: 3PH-220V/60HZ
Pump Power: 0.5HP, 0.5HP, 2HP (5,6,15T)
Refrigerant: R-407C
Compressor Power: 5HP, 6HP, 15HP (5T,6T,15T)
Cooling water Volume: 55.5 GPM
Chilled water Volume: 44.4 GPM
Temperature Setting Range: 41~77 ℉
Overall Weight: 170KG, 190KG, 650KG (5T,6T,15T)

(1) Industial Water Chiller, (1) User Manual

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