Two-Person Corner Space Infrared Wooden Sauna Room With Bluetooth Speakers, 1600W (97381524)

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Looking for the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation experience? Look no further than our 2-Person Corner Space Infrared Wooden Sauna Room With Bluetooth Speakers, 1600W. This innovative sauna is the perfect addition to your wellness routine, offering a multitude of benefits for both your body and mind.


Crafted with love and precision, our sauna is made of natural cedar wood, ensuring a durable and luxurious experience. But we don't stop there – our sauna also utilizes low EMF infrared heating panels, guaranteeing your safety and comfort during every session. Say goodbye to conventional saunas that leave you feeling dizzy and uncomfortable.


Invest in your well-being and transform your home into a personal sanctuary with our 2-Person Corner Space Infrared Wooden Sauna Room With Bluetooth Speakers, 1600W. With its irresistible blend of elegance, functionality, and wellness-enhancing features, this sauna is truly a game-changer. Go ahead, embrace the warmth, relax to your favorite tunes, and let the benefits wash over you. Your body and mind will thank you.


  • Feel the warmth surrounding you in only 15 minutes! Our 2-Person Corner Space Infrared Wooden Sauna Room is outfitted with 7 1600W heating plates, advanced 12V 4in music speakers with Bluetooth connection to your smart phone/tablet -- get ready to relax!
  • Experience the convenience of LCD panel control, with pre-set temperature and time settings ranging from 68-149°F (20-65°C), with a maximum of 149°F (65°C) that will auto shut-off.
  • Modular construction ensures quick assembly and easy maintenance, and this sauna is designed to last up to 12 years! In the rare event that a malfunctional component needs to be replaced, it's fast and easy to do. Plus, you'll also receive Professional after-sale service - just get online!
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Material: Kiln Dried Hemlock Wood
Number of Person to Use: 2 Person for 150 -190 CM (4.9 -6.3 Feet) tall person
Intend for Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Overall Size: 120*120*190 cm (47 x 47 x 75 in)
Inside Space: 110*110*182 cm (43 x 43 x 72 in)
Seating Height: 48 cm (19in)
Seating Size in Deep: 40cm (15-3/4in)
Seat Loading Capacity: 660 lbs/300 Kg
Door Size: 165*60.2 cm (65 x 23.7in), 6mm thick Tempered Glass

Bluetooth Speakers: 2 x 12V-4in Speakers, Bluetooth Connect with Player Device (not Included)
2 LED Reading Lights and 3 Colorful LED Lights Controlled by LCD Panel
Power Supply and EMF Grade:
Rated Power: 1600W
Rated Power Supply: 60Hz/120V
Power Cord Length: 3 M (10 feet)
Power Plug: US/EU
EMF Grade (Electromagnetic Fields): 3-10
Intended Lifetime: 12 Years

Number of Heating Plates: 7 Plates
Heating Panel Material: Carbon Far Infrared Plate Covered with Epoxy
Time and Temperature Pre-set: Yes and Adjustable
Control Method: 1 LCD Panels outside
Max Preset Temperature: 20-65 Celsius (F: 68 – 149)
Max Temperature Auto Switch off for Air: 65 Celsius (F 149)
Max Temperature Auto Switch off for Heating Plate: 110 Celsius (F 230)
Displaying Temperature Unit: C/F
Vents Provided with Manual Control: Yes, On and Off Optional on Top Ceiling

Modular Design with 6 Separate Parts (4 walls + Ceiling + Floor), Top-Bottom-Left-Right-Front-Back
Easy to Assembly in 20 Minutes by 2 Adults, Wires Plug-in Connection Quick
Message/Phone Call/Email Service Provided in 24 Hours
Quick Maintenance for Modular Parts Ready in US Domestic Stock
1 x Two-Person Corner Space Infrared Wooden Sauna Room
1 x Instruction Manual

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