Premium 2-Person Mahogany Wooden Low EMF Outdoor FAR-Infrared Heat Home Personal Spa Sauna W/ Bluetooth Audio & LED Lights, 1750W (91482635)

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Have you ever longed for an outdoor personal spa to relax in? Look no further than the Two-Person Low EMF Outdoor FAR-Infrared Heat Wood Home Personal Spa Sauna! Durable and reliable, this sauna effectively utilizes low EMF far infrared heating plates delivered by 1750W power that provides preheat of 10 to 15 minutes, with a max temperature of up to 65°C/149°F. The control panel with light touch capabilities allows you to fully customize your spa experience and the LED display clearly depicts the operational controls.

If you want added convenience during your spa session, the Bluetooth speaker offers a wonderful atmosphere with music or you can read while enjoying the relaxing warmth from the LED reading light. Best of all, its mahogany wood is not only sturdy but corrosion-resistant so it's sure to withstand any level of weather even when used outdoors. Its dimensions measure 58 x 41 x 81 inches for an inner space that fits two people (at an appropriate height range of 1.5~1.9m tall) and is capable of supporting up to 660 lb (300 kg) per seat load.

Get ready to relax and invigorate in the Two-Person Low EMF Outdoor FAR-Infrared Heat Wood Home Personal Spa Sauna today!


  • Be amazed by the carbon crystal plates' rapid 15-minute heat-up, plus the convenient power switch to control it!
  • Our high-efficiency infrared heating plate emits no harmful ionizing radiation, promoting deep detoxification while strengthening your body functions.



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Main Material:

Seat Height:

External Dimensions:
(41*58*81)" (L*W*H)

Power Plug:

Power Cord Length:

Power Supply:
60HZ /120V

Heating Material:
Crystal Far Infrared Low EMF Heating Plates

Rated Power:

Maximum Temperature:

Audio System:
Bluetooth Audio

Carton Foam Packing

Seat Load:
300 KG/660 LBS

User Height:
4.9-6.2 FT

Control System:
LCD Display, Button Control
1 x 2-Person Low EMF FAR-Infrared Hemlock Wood Personal Home Sauna
1 x User Manual

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