5KVA MPPT Hybrid Solar Inverter With Built-In 60A Pure Sine Charger Controller (92531074)

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This solar inverter is the perfect device to convert your Energy from sun light into useful household electricity. Unlike other renewable energy systems, this solar power inverter convert DC power directly into usable AC power, meaning no extra installations or time wasted in order for the system to start working. The DC power collected by the photovoltaic panels is transformed into AC power and fed into the public grid. Therefore, you are able to independently run on clean energy - with no carbon emissions produced!



  • Powerful 4000 Watts car inverter continuous DC to AC power for multi-purpose charging for your vehicle.
  • The pure sine wave inverter is of smart battery charger design for optimized battery performance, also of cold start function. Low cost and easy installation..
  • With MPPT function, every panel works at the maximum, improved the efficiency of the entire solar power system. Low power consumption.



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1 x Solar Inverter
1 x Communication Adapter
1 x User Manual

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