Portable ECG NIBP RESP Vital Sign Patient ICU Machine Monitor, 8" (93467253)

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Are you looking for a reliable, comprehensive, and easy-to-use patient monitoring system? Look no further than our Portable ECG NIBP RESP Vital Sign Patient ICU Machine Monitor. Our 8" monitor offers you effortless monitoring and operations, and will revolutionize your medical practice by ensuring that your patients get the accurate and timely care that they need.

This piece of advanced machinery features an 8" TFT color screen that provides engaging visuals for your patients. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery is perfect for those occasions when you need to monitor your patient’s vitals away from a hospital bed. Our patient monitor also offers real-time S-T segment analysis and a pacemaker detection feature to ensure accuracy in measurements.

The monitor's design is exquisite yet simple enough for all types of medical professionals to operate with ease regardless of their experience level or age group being monitored as it works with adult, pediatric, or neonatal patients alike! With features like these, how could you not include such an amazing machine in your medical practice? Don’t wait any longer, get yours today!


  • Monitors vital signals such as ECG, Respiratory Rate, SpO2, NIBP, TEMP, and IBP.
  • A replaceable built-in battery facilitates the transportation of the patient.
  • The large high-resolution display provides a clear view of 5 waveforms and full monitoring parameters.
  • Integrates parameter measuring modules, display, and recorder in one device.



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Lead Mode:5 Leads ( R, L, F, N, C or RA, LA, LL, RL,V)
Lead selection:I, II, III, avR, avL, avF, V,
Waveform:2 ch
Gain:2.5mm/mV, 5.0mm/mV, 10mm/mV, 20mm/mV
Heart Rate:15-300BPM(Adult) 15-350BPM(Neonatal)
Accuracy:± 1% or ± 1bpm,which great
Resolution:1 bpm
ST measurement Range:-2.0-+2.0mV
Sweep Speed:12.5 mm/s,25mm/s,50mm/s

Method Impedance between R-F(RA-LL)
Measuring Range:Adult 0 ~ 120 rpm,Neo/Ped 0 ~ 150 rpm
Resolution:1 rpm
Accuracy:±2 rpm

Method: Oscillometric
Mode: Manual, Auto, STAT
Measuring and alarm range

Adult Mode
SYS:40 ~ 270 mmHg
DIA:10 ~ 215 mmHg
MEAN:20 ~ 235 mmHg

Pediatric Mode
SYS:40 ~ 200 mmHg
DIA:10 ~ 150 mmHg
MEAN:20 ~ 165 mmHg

Neonatal Mode
SYS:40 ~ 135 mmHg
DIA:10 ~ 100 mmHg
MEAN:20 ~ 110 mmHg

Measuring Range:0 ~ 100 %
Alarm Range:0 ~ 100 %
Resolution:1 %
Accuracy:70% ~ 100% ±2 %
Actualization interval:about 1 Sec.
Alarm Delay:10 Sec.
Pulse Rate :0~254bpm

Measuring and Alarm Range:0 ~ 50 C
Actualization interval:about 1 Sec.
Average Time Constant:< 10 Sec.
1 x 8' Patient Monitor
1 x Temp Prob
1 x ECG Lead Cable
1 x ECG Electrode
1 x NIBP Extension Tube
1 x SPO2 Prob
1 x Adult NIBP Cuff
1 x Power Cord
1 x Instruction Manual

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