ACOPOWER WP-40136 50A/13KWH Heavy Duty Portable Integrated Welding Power Station With Wheels, 4KW (SAK56190)

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Imagine a portable power station that seamlessly integrates welding capabilities. The ACOPOWER WP-40136 is the answer. This innovative machine empowers you to weld anywhere, anytime. Lightweight and easy to transport with integrated wheels, it eliminates the need for bulky generators. Multiple safety features ensure worry-free operation, while the powerful 4KW output tackles even demanding tasks.

Say goodbye to noisy fumes and harmful emissions. The ACOPOWER WP-40136 delivers clean, quiet, and vibration-free welding power. It's ten times more energy efficient than traditional fuel-powered options, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice.

Don't settle for limitations. Take control of your craft with the ACOPOWER WP-40136. Order yours today and experience the future of welding!


  • Move effortlessly with the ACOPOWER WP-40136 thanks to its integrated foot wheels and lightweight build. Take your power source anywhere you go with ease.
  • Shielded from the elements, the battery compartment protection ensures your power station is ready for use rain or shine, offering reliability wherever you need it.
  • Feel secure with multiple protection systems guarding the battery modules, ensuring safe operation without any compromises on security or peace of mind.
  • With a robust 4KW rated power output, this station handles even the most demanding equipment, providing reliable power for all your AC120V/240V needs.


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Model: ACOPOWER WP-40136
Rated Power Output: 4KW
AC Output: 120V/240V
Welding Function: Pure DC, 1.6mm - 5.0mm Electrodes
Battery Type: Rechargeable
Protection Features: Multiple Safeguards
Additional Features: Built-in Bluetooth, Integrated Foot Wheels, Weatherproof Design
Energy Efficiency: 1/10th Energy Consumption of Fuel Generators
(1ACOPOWER WP-40136 (1) User Manual

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