ACOPOWER WP-4085 20A 8.5KWH Portable Industrial Rechargeable Power Station With AC120V/240V Inverter (SAK70389)

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Experience the future of mobile power with the ACOPOWER WP-4085, a revolutionary rechargeable industrial power station. Imagine a portable powerhouse that delivers clean, silent, and efficient energy wherever you need it. The WP-4085 boasts a remarkable 4KW rated power output, capable of handling even the most demanding tasks.

Effortlessly tackle projects with the WP-4085's versatility. From powering construction equipment to flawless welding (1.6-5.0mm electrodes), this all-in-one solution empowers you to work smarter, not harder. Multiple safety features ensure peace of mind, while the intuitive Bluetooth monitoring system puts real-time control at your fingertips.

Silence the noise, eliminate emissions, and embrace a new era of clean and efficient power. Upgrade your workflow and invest in the ACOPOWER WP-4085 today!


  • Enjoy smooth startups with the input soft start circuit, reducing surge currents and effectively protecting the device from damage during startup.
  • With a 4KW rated power output and the ability to handle double-rated power impacts, it's perfect for all your AC120V/240V equipment needs, delivering reliable power wherever it's needed.
  • Achieve superior economic efficiency with energy consumption only one-tenth that of fuel-powered generators, saving costs while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Monitor power usage with built-in power monitoring and utilize the intelligent start-stop function for fans, optimizing energy usage and prolonging device lifespan.


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Model: ACOPOWER WP-4085
Rated Power Output: 4KW
AC Output: 120V/240V
Welding Function: Pure DC, 1.6mm - 5.0mm Electrodes
Battery Type: Rechargeable
Protection Features: Multiple Safeguards
Additional Features: Built-in Bluetooth, Integrated Foot Wheels, Weatherproof Design
Energy Efficiency: 1/10th Energy Consumption of Fuel Generators
(1ACOPOWER WP-4085 (1) User Manual

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